40 Must-See Holy Sites in Israel and the West Bank

Temple Mount is one of holy sites in Jerusalem

A complete guide to popular holy sites in Israel and the West Bank.

Traveling to Israel and the West Bank, but not visiting religious places of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity means not trying to understand the cultures and beliefs of people inhabiting this area and far. 

Religious, spiritual, or simply curious about other cultures and respectful of their beliefs, here is a recommended list of the most important religious sites In Israel and the West Bank and the most popular holy sites in Israel and the West Bank.

The list covers sacred places of four monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Bahai’s Faith. It sums up holy places of Judaism, holy places of Christianity, holy places of Islam, and holy places of Bahai Faith in Israel and the West Bank.

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10 Day Israel Itinerary: What to See in Israel in 10 Days

10 day Israel itineraray and Jerusalem

The following article features a 10 day Israel itinerary for my upcoming trip to Israel.

On my Israel travel blog, I hope to give some useful guidelines and Israel travel tips to all travelers, especially to all independent travelers like me, who are planning their first trip to Israel.

If you are thinking of 10 days in Israel and planning your 10 day trip to Israel, I suggest taking a look at my Israel itinerary to get insights on where to go in Israel, what to see in Israel, what to visit in Israel and what to do in Israel.

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