Visiting an elephant sanctuary in Thailand is one of the top Thailand things to do

Hey and welcome to my blog!

I am Milijana, a traveler from Croatia and the person behind the World Travel Connector.

Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona should be a part of your USA southwest road trip I Milijana Gabric in Antelope Canyon in Arizona by WorldTravelConnector.com
Me in Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona © World Travel Connector

Although I don’t prefer to talk about myself much, I believe it’s necessary in this case.

I started this blog as my creative outlet writing poems about my travels. But soon I started getting zillion questions about the practical side of the travels and I realized that I can help people with practical travel tips too. So, along with my travel poetry (at the moment I am taking a break from travel poetry on this blog, but only for a while!), you can find travel guides and travel itineraries on my blog.

I decided to serve readers of my blog with all the knowledge and skills I have.

The Pyramids of Giza is one of Egypt landmarks I Milijana Gabric in front of Giza pyramids in Egypt by WorldTravelConnector.com
Me on a camel in front of a pyramid in Giza in Egypt © World Travel Connector

I am a hard-core introvert who is highly independent, curious about the world, with an insatiable thirst for self-growth.

I enjoy researching destinations, tailoring my travel itineraries, chasing my new journeys, and deeply reflecting on my travels.

Milijana Gabrić in Bali rice terraces
Me in Jatuliwih rice fields on Bali in Indonesia

I travel solo. But I am rarely ever alone. And, never lonely.

I meet local people and other fellow travelers on my travels who quite often become my new friends. Solo travel has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Milijana Gabric from WorldTravelConnector.com with an Indonesian girl
My memories from the Indonesian island of Java: Cute Indonesian girl and me

Some of the most beautiful things about traveling are to be surprised by discovering new places you knew nothing about; meeting welcoming local people and learning about their lives, customs, and traditions; …and reminding yourself ‘what a tiny place you occupy in the world‘.

Milijana Gabric from WorldTravelConnector.com in Petra in Jordan
Me in Petra in Jordan

I prefer to leave room for exploration and spontaneity on my travels.

That’s why I prefer slow traveling. In my case, slow travel means staying on average about a month in one country and then moving to a new one. I usually travel several months visiting several countries in a row. And when I notice that I need some more time for reflection, and even for a travel detox (yes, long-term traveling can be sensory and emotionally overwhelming!), I move back to my home base in Croatia.

Milijana Gabric from WorldTravelConnector.com in Montenegro I San Stefan island, Montenegro I
Me in Montenegro

Maybe would like to know what’s my favorite place I’ve traveled to. I must disappoint you, as there is no single place. It’s impossible to compare deserts, volcanoes, lakes, rivers … I seek magnificent landscapes and spectacular World Heritage sites. I normally visit tourist attractions. They are attractions for a good reason. But welcoming and kind people I meet on my travels keep me longer in one place.

Here a short selection of places that captured my heart:

Myanmar – for Burmese people are the kindest people I’ve met

Tuscany – for the mix of beautiful landscapes and dolce-vita-lifestyle

Israel – for Biblical places and great food

Thailand – for sandy beaches, good food and good-hearted people

Venice – a matchless architectural masterpiece in a sea lagoon

Angkor Wat and Angkor – an unrivaled architectural complex and archaeological site on 400 km2

In case you might want to know:

My favorite colour: white

My favorite drink: coffee

My favorite alcoholic drinks: red wine, gin

My favorite food: seafood, cheese

My favorite fruit: grapes, figs

My favorite snacks: almonds

Person I love the most: my younger brother

* He’s been quadriplegic and using a mechanical ventilator for breathing for the past 18 years due to muscular dystrophy. Nevertheless, he loves life, his sister and he is the greatest supporter of her travels.

Trait I dislike the most: greed

* This is the human trait I have literally zero tolerance for.

Like I have already said, I prefer not to talk about myself and I believe this introduction was necessary here.

Instead, I prefer to talk about how I can help you.

If you are looking for well-researched travel destinations guides, you are in the right place.

If you are looking for perfect travel itineraries to make the most of your time, money, and energy, please relax and follow my suggestions.

If you enjoy tasting local foods and discovering new flavors, head to my food travel guides.

If you love road trips, it makes two of us. I bet, you will love the road trips I took.

If you are a huge coffee devotee like me, you should take a look at my coffee travel adventures.

If you appreciate the beauty of nature and you chase breathtaking views, I covered some amazing hikes.

If you are a spiritual person or deep thinker who likes to ponder over the meaning of life or a person who likes to learn about various beliefs and cultures, my spiritual travel guides might suit your interest.

If you need a help with travel planning, please free to reach me.

Happy and safe travels, always!

xoxo Milijana

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