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10 Day Israel Itinerary: What to See in Israel in 10 Days

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The following article shows my 10 day Israel itinerary for my upcoming trip to Israel.
On my Israel travel blog, I hope to give useful guidelines and Israel travel tips to all travelers, especially to all independent travelers like me, who are planning their first trip to Israel.
If you are thinking of 10 days in Israel and planning your 10 day trip to Israel, I suggest taking a look at my Israel itinerary to get insights on where to go in Israel, what to see in Israel, what to visit in Israel, and what to do in Israel.

The Shrine of the Báb is a a must-see if traveling 10 days in Israel
The Shrine of the Báb, Haifa, Israel © World Travel Connector


This well-planned 10 day Israel itinerary I tailored for myself. After visiting Israel, I can warmly recommend my 10 days in Israel itinerary to anyone who wants to see the best of Israel in 10 days.


Next two months I will be traveling to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt.

Past few days I’ve been planning my upcoming trip to Israel and nailing my Israel itinerary. A good thing is my trip to Israel is not (so) tightened by time.
My return ticket is from Cairo in two months. A not-so-good thing is that my trip could possibly become tightened by my budget.  Apparently, Israel is an expensive country.
However, it seems like 10 days in Israel should be fine for a first-time visit to Israel. Or better to say, to get a glimpse of Israel.
The point is, talking about the size Israel is not a big country at all. For example, Israel is the same size as Albania, smaller than Hawaii, and even 3 times smaller than Croatia, my homeland. But beyond the shadow of a doubt, modern Israel is a unique fusion of various cultures accompanied by a long and hectic history.

The diverse range of cultural influences in the Holy Land resulted, among other things, in modern Israeli cuisine which is one of the most appealing and delicious cuisines in the World. Meeting local people, learning about their history and culture, and trying to understand their perspectives, views, and feelings about the World through their eyes and hearts are what travel is all about. And in that sense, contemporary Israel offers a plethora of exceptional and unparalleled experiences to its visitors.

The Temple Mount is a must see on a 10-day Israel itinerary
The Temple Mount, Jerusalem © World Travel Connector

Israel itinerary 10 days

10 DAY ISRAEL ITINERARY: 10 days in Israel & the West Bank 


I am planning to travel to Israel for 10 days by public transport as an independent traveler. For the vast majority of my time in Israel, I am going to use public buses. Because of that, I am planning immediately on my arrival to get a Rav Kav Card at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.
Rav Kav Card is an Israeli top-up smart travel card. It means, that if someone puts 100 NIS (New Israeli Shekels) on the card, they will get 20% extra or 120 NIS travel worth using. For someone who is going to use public buses a lot, what’s my case, this is a great deal.
But, let’s take a look at my draft of my 10 days Israel itinerary.


Day 1-2: Tel Aviv

I am flying to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv and my Israel trip is officially starting in Tel Aviv.
2 days in Tel Aviv should be enough to get insights into the city for a first-time visit. Tel Aviv is famous for its nightlife, but I am not into parties and clubbing. I love the expression ‘Tel Aviv plays, Jerusalem prays‘ though.
But what I find interesting is that modern Tel Aviv is a creative and startup hub. Without any question, I am looking forward to checking out the ancient port of Jaffa, the Carmel food market, Bauhaus buildings of the White City, graffiti in the Florentin neighborhood, arty and quirky Neve Tzedek neighborhood, Tel Aviv beaches, and trendy cafes in Rothschild Boulevard.

Tel Aviv is a must-see on a 10-day Israel Itinerary
Tel Aviv

Where to stay in Tel Aviv:
1. Jaffa neighborhood (for history and art lovers) – House in Shalma (⭐⭐⭐), Margosa Hotel Tel Aviv Jaffa

2. Florentin neighborhood (for arty personalities and hipsters) – Florentin HouseGal’s Studio (⭐⭐⭐)

3. Neve Tzedek (for trendsetters and shoppingoholics) – The Vera , Trieste Neve Tzedek Boutique Suites (⭐⭐⭐)

4. Tayelet (for beach lovers) – Shalom Hotel & Relax (⭐⭐⭐⭐), Brown Beach House by Brown Hotels


tel Aviv is a must-see on any 10 day Israel itinerary
A Bauhaus building in Tel Aviv
The ancient Jaffa is a must-see on any 10 day israel itinerary
Old Jaffa Harbor in Tel Aviv, Israel

Day 3: Haifa and Acre

On my third day in Israel, I am heading from Tel Aviv to Haifa and Acre (Akko) by train. Planning to spend half of the day on each.
First I am going to Akko and then to Haifa. I am planning to take a bus from Haifa to Tiberias the next day.
Akko is an ancient 4,000-year-old town with a long history tracking down to Romans, Greeks, Crusaders, and Arabs. On my Israel bucket list are the Old Town of Akko with the old fishing harbor, the souk (market), the Crusader city, the citadel with the khan, and the Al Jazzar mosque.
Later on, I would love to catch a ferry from Old Akko to Haifa Port to enjoy the views of the sea, the coastline (just to mention, Lebanon is only 20 miles away from the Akko), and the Caramel Mountain on my arrival to Haifa.
In Haifa, I want to walk the magnificent terraces of the Bahai Gardens, see the Shrine of the Bab, explore the German Colony, and visit the Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery and Elijah’s Cave.
Optionally I will take one day more to spend in this area.

Acre is a must-see on a 10 day Israel itienerary
Acre, Israel

Where to stay in Haifa:  Schumacher Hotel Haifa, Almog Boutique apartment(⭐⭐⭐)


Haifa is a must-see on a 10 day Israel itinerary
Haifa in Israel

It is easy to travel from Haifa to Akko, and vice versa. The train ride between Akko and Haifa lasts about 20-25 minutes.

Where to stay in Akko: The Sultan House (⭐⭐⭐), Zidan Sarai (⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Day 4: Tiberius, Galilee Sea, and Nazareth

My route is taking me from Haifa to Tiberius on the Galilee Sea and then from the Galilee Sea to Nazareth.
There is a direct bus from Haifa to Tiberias. Every 15-20 min Egged bus No.430 goes from Haifa’s Merkazit Hamifratz Central Bus Station (platform 10) to Tiberias. The ride takes about 70 min.
In Tiberias, I am planning to have some Galilee lakeside time enjoying the views of the Golan Heights and ancient Gadara in Jordan and take a boat tour on the mythical and Biblical lake (the Sea of Galilee) where once Jesus made the miracles of walking on the water and feeding a bunch people with only one fish.
Later during the day, I am proceeding with my Israel trip itinerary and going to Nazareth, the childhood home of Jesus. Buses No. 430 and No. 836 go from Tiberias Central Station (near the market) to Nazareth Center (near the Church of the Annunciation).
I am planning to spend a night in Nazareth before departing for Jerusalem early in the morning on the next day.

The Galilee Sea is a must-see on a 10 day Israel itinerary
Galilee Sea I Photo source: Pixabay

Where to stay in Nazareth:
Michel House (a beautifully decorated B&B with a superb breakfast in a top location)
Al Bishara Guest House (a lovely 3-star guesthouse in a top location in Nazareth),
Fauzi Azar by Abraham Hostels (a budget-friendly hostel and one of the best hostels in Israel)


Nazareth is a must-see on a 10 day Israel itinerary

Day 5: Jerusalem

My next stop is the city of Jerusalem. Egged public bus No 955 goes from Nazareth to Jerusalem.

I have a feeling that I might fall in love with Jerusalem. I am trying my best not to have expectations though. I am trying to be cautious about not getting disappointed.
I am excited (Ah, expectations! Need to bite my tongue – edit, re-edit, re-re-edit this…) to witness the Old City of Jerusalem, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre with the Tomb of Christ, the Via Dolorosa, the Mount of Olives with the Gethsemane Garden, the Room of the Last Supper, the Dome Rock, to leave a note with my prayers in between the wall’s cracks the Wailing Wall, to buy some fresh fruits on the Machne Yehuda Market in the New City  … to write down some of my wishes.

Jersualem is a msut see on a 10 day Israel itinerary
Western Wall in Jerusalem

Where to stay in Jerusalem:

BUDGET: Chain Gate Hostel, Stay Inn Hostel,
MID-RANGE: Jerusalem Hotel,
UPSCALE: The Sephardic House Hotel in the Jewish quarter, Jaffa 60 Apartments ( Jonathan Hotel Chain)


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Day 6: Bethlehem (the West Bank)

Ok, I know. Bethlehem is on the West Bank. And I am renaming my itinerary to a ’10 day Israel & the West Bank itinerary’.

Usually, visitors take a half-day tour from Jerusalem to Bethlehem. It costs around 55 USD per person. I might take a public Palestinian bus No. 21 from the East Jerusalem Bus Station. The ticket should be around 1,40 USD (5 NIS).

The tours are good for security concerns. But I am an independent traveler who prefers to do what local people do. And as long as local people go by bus, I am doing the same. However, so far my votes are going to take a public bus. I even got a tip to stay in Bethlehem instead of Jerusalem, for Bethelem is much cheaper than Jerusalem. This is something to take into account. Most likely, I will be back in Jerusalem to take sleep and on the next day, I will go to Jericho. The options are still open and I am going to decide on the site.

However, the Church of Nativity, the Milk Grotto, the Chapel of the Holy Innocents, the Mosque of Omar, the Coptic church, the Armenian monastery, the Greek Orthodox monastery … – I am coming!  Ugh, this line just reminded me how much history there is in Bethlehem!

UPDATE: I took white-blue Palestinian bus No. 21 at East Jerusalem Bus Station next to the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem and went to Bethlehem. A one-way ticket from Jerusalem to Bethlehem was 1,9 USD 7 (NIS).  The bus ride was perfectly safe with absolutely no disturbances or any kind of stress.

Trip to Bethlehem in one of the best trips from Tel Aviv on a  10 day Israel itienrary
St. Catherine’s Church in Bethlehem

Where to stay in Bethlehem: The Walled Off Hotel (⭐⭐⭐), Dar Sitti Aziza(⭐⭐⭐)

The Church of Nativity is a must-see on a 10 day Israel Itinerary
The church of Nativity of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem

Day 7: Jericho (the West Bank) 

Jericho is said to be the oldest town on Earth. A more than 30,000-year-old town. Too good to be missed, I would add. Mountain of Temptation, Zaccheus Tree, Elisha’s Spring, and Tel el-Sultan are sites to see in Jericho. I hope to check them all out.

There is also one more option. There’s a possibility of visiting Jericho and Bethlehem in one day from Jerusalem. For independent travelers who prefer traveling on their own, there should be a bus opposite the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem driving to Abu Dis. Just before Abu Dis the passengers who wish to proceed to Jericho, should get off the bus and take a 20-min walk or a taxi ride to Jericho. From Jericho, there is a bus back to Abu Dis and from Abu Dis to Bethlehem. Most likely by the time I reach Jerusalem, I will get better insights into this.

In any case, there’s also an option to visit Bethlehem and Jericho from Jerusalem on a day trip.

Mara Saba monastery is a must see on a 10 day Israel itinerary
Mara Saba Monastery near Bethlehem

UPDATE: In Bethlehem, I have decided to visit Hebron instead of Jericho. So, in Bethlehem, I took a Palestinian shared taxi called ‘servicees‘ to Hebron. My one-way ticket from Bethlehem to Hebron was 2,7 USD (10 NIS). From Hebron, I went back to Jerusalem by public bus and paid the bus ticket 2,7 USD (10 NIS).
Visiting Hebron and the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron unexpectedly brought one of the most memorable moments of my trip.
For people who don’t know, the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron (also called the Ibrahimi Mosque) is one of the holiest sites on Earth. It holds the tombs of three biblical couples: Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebeckah, and Jacob and Leah.
Sadly, the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron is divided into a mosque and a synagogue. Muslims are not allowed to enter the synagogue and Jewish people are not allowed to enter the mosque. As a Christian, I was allowed to visit the mosque and the synagogue.
I visited Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron just before the start of the afternoon prayers. Immediately after visiting the mosque, I went to the synagogue where afternoon prayers started.
At the time of prayers, I stood in the synagogue listening to the prayers of a rabbi and an imām simultaneously.
Those were some of those blissful moments in life when I felt truly blessed and grateful!

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Day 8: the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, the Judean Desert, and Masada

Egged bus No. 486 goes directly from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station (platform 5) to the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, and Masada.

Dead Sea beaches are only a one-hour drive from Jerusalem, but to be honest, the Dead Sea is pending on my Israel itinerary. After Israel, I am heading to Jordan and there I could reach the Dead Sea. But, Ein Gedi’s natural spring in the Judean Desert on the Dead Sea is making me ponder on this.

A trip to Dead Sea is one of the best day trips from Tel Aviv and a must-see on a 10 day israel itinerary
The Dead Sea in Israel

If I decide to go directly to Masada, the ride will last only a few minutes.

Photos of the Masada fortress on a rock plateau in the Judean Desert have been jaw-dropping for me all my life. The story of the mass suicide of almost 1,000 people to escape slavery is one of the saddest stories in history ever.
In the late afternoon after visiting Masada, I am heading to Eilat. A 3-hour bus drive takes from Masada to Eilat.
For people who feel more comfortable traveling with tours, there is a great day tour from Jerusalem to Masada and the Dead Sea.
UPDATE: I’ve hiked Masada for a sunrise. It was one of the most spectacular experiences in Israel!

Masada is a must see on a 10 day Israel itinerary
The cable car to Masada

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Day 9-10: Eilat 

In this draft of my Israel itinerary, I am taking 2 days in Eilat. Maybe one of the two days I will use for some of the options (one more day in Jerusalem, or Haifa).
Eilat is a well-known Israeli resort town on the Red Sea, especially famous for glorious sunsets and swimming with not caged dolphins on the Dolphin Reef beach.
Besides that, the unearthly Red Canyon with widely praised Red Canyon hikes is located near Eilat. But Eilat is also convenient for crossing the border with Jordan.
The Yitzhak Rabin/Wadi Araba border is the border crossing between Eilat in Israel and Aqaba in Jordan. The border is located only 3 miles (5 km) north of Eilat and 5 miles (8 km) north of Aqaba. On the Yitzhak Rabin/Wadi Araba border I am planning to say Goodbye (or, See you again) to Israel and Hello to Jordan.

Eilat is a msut-see on a 10 day Israel itinerary
Eilat, Israel

UPDATE: I have crossed the Yitzhak Rabin/Wadi Araba border and entered Jordan from Israel. On the border, you need to pay the Israeli exit fee of 105 NIS (29 USD). Israelis don’t stamp the passport on the Yitzhak Rabin border, but entering Jordan overland you get a Jordanian stamp on the Wadi Araba border which consequently confirms that you came from Israel.

PS: On my trip to Israel and discovered how delicious food in Israel is. Just to remind you, Israeli shakshouka is one of the most famous dishes in the world. Check out my post Popular Israeli Food!

Where to stay in Eilat: The Reef Eilat Hotel by Herbert Samuel


10 days in Israel itinerary


If you are reading my 10-day Israel itinerary, most likely you are planning a trip to Israel. And you are interested also in what is the best time to visit Israel.

The best seasons for traveling to Israel are fall (September to November) and spring (March to May) for moderate temperatures. Daily average temperatures go around 26°C (79°F) in fall and spring in Israel.

Summer in Israel could be extremely warm with daily average temperatures around 33°C (90°F) and many heatwaves. Winter in Israel comes with daily average temperatures of around 10°C (50°F), lots of rain, and even the possibility of snow in Jerusalem.

So, the best time for visiting Israel is from September to November and from March to May for pleasant and dry weather.

10 Day Israel Itinerary

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10 day Israel itinerary

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Do you like my DIY 10 day Israel tour?
Have you been to Israel? What were the highlights of your trip to Israel?
Do you have any suggestions for my Israel itinerary 10 days? Any other places to visit in Israel, things to do in Israel, and things to see in Israel?

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Best 10 Day Israel Itinerary

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Carmen Edelson

Friday 5th of October 2018

Oh my goodness, I didn't realize Jericho is probably the oldest town on EARTH! How amazing. And I love that phrase "Tel Aviv plays, Jerusalem prays". I had no idea Tel Aviv was a start up hub. I love modern cities and really want to go soon. I wish you happy and safe travels!


Thursday 4th of October 2018

A two month trip through Jordan, Isreal and Egypt! That sounds awesome!!! I havent been to Jordan or Isreal yet, but I loved the vibrancy and chaos (yes, tons of chaos) of Cairo! Your Isreal intinirary is definitely well planned out - I’d love to refer back to it one day when I visit here myself. Jerusalem and Eilat would be high on my list! Not sure if I’d have enough ‘courage’ to visit Masada - it’s just unthinkable what happened there!

Sandy N Vyjay

Thursday 4th of October 2018

Israel is a very enigmatic and fascinating country. A place that ranks high on our bucket list and we hope to get there someday. Jerusalem, of course, is a place we would love to see apart from the Dead Sea. The country is also such a fascinating medley of history and modern culture and must make for an unforgettable experience.


Thursday 4th of October 2018

Wow I am impressed with your meticulous planning skills! I normally just look up a couple of things here and there, but have never actually put together an itinerary before my trip. I try to be like you and not have too many expectations as I don't like to be disappointed and this might also have something to do with my approach. I haven't really considered Israel as a destination, but this has certainly put it on the radar for me! I love all the photos too! Are they just stock photos?


Wednesday 3rd of October 2018

I haven't been to Israel, so I don't have any tips to share- but you seem to got it all covered. :) I know I would fall in love with Acre and the Mar Saba monastery, latter one reminding me of one my dearest travel memories- Matera, Italy. Matera is one of the oldest inhabited settlements in the world, and is similarly carved into the hill. I am curious about your Egypt experience as well (I've been wanting to visit Cairo ever since watching Cairo Time movie).