Winter in Bahamas: Unforgettable Christmas vacation in the exotic Bahamas in winter

Bahamas in winter

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How many times have you caught yourself staring at photos and postcards of sandy Bahamas beaches and turquoise Bahamas sea? 

Have you ever dreamed of the exotic beaches of the Bahamas for Christmas? 

Do you believe your tropical dream of Christmas vacation in Nassau and the Bahamas in winter can come true?

Bahamas in winter
Compass Point Resort in Nassau © World Travel Connector




The best time to visit the Bahamas is winter for pleasant weather (no rain, no hurricanes), wonderful sandy beaches, and an amazing festive season (Christmas with Junkanoo festival).

The Bahamas at Christmas time grant unforgettable Christmas vacation with amazing exotic beaches, and spectacular Bahamian Junkanoo festival.

Bahamas in winter
Nassau in the Bahamas in Christmas time © World Travel Connector
Junkanoo Festival in Nassau at Christmas in Bahamas in winter
Bahamian Junkanoo Festival in Nassau at Christmas

While summer in the Bahamas brings the hot and humid weather with showers and the possibility of hurricanes, winter in the Bahamas offers daily average temperatures around 25 °C (77 ° F) making the Bahamas a perfect winter destination and one of the best Christmas destinations in the world.

The Bahamas rainy season (Bahamas offseason) is from April to November. The Bahamas hurricane season goes from June to November.

Hence Bahamas summer and autumn are not the best time to travel to the Bahamas. The cheapest time to go to the Bahamas is summer and autumn though.

Me in Nassau at Christmas time and Bahamas in winter
The Bahamas in winter: Nassau at Christmas time

But, the best time to travel to the Bahamas is in the winter season.

The Bahamas high season and the best time to visit the Bahamas is from December until March. Or more precisely, the months of December, January, and February are the best time to travel to the Bahamas.

The Bahamas at Christmas and New Year’s Eve are especially popular. In fact, the Bahamas are widely known as one of the best warm Christmas destinations.

In December and January water temperatures in the Bahamas average 23 °C (74 ° F) and air temperatures average 25 °C (77 ° F).

Luckily, Bahamian islands in Central America are not far from Florida, USA, and you could easily reach the Bahamas from Miami. From Europe to the Bahamas, there is a direct flight from London to Nassau. 


Nassau at Christmas and beaches of Bahamas in winter
The Bahamas in winter: The white sand of the Compass Point beach © World Travel Connector


Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and also the biggest city, located on the island of New Providence. An interesting fact is that the city is spread across the whole island.

Nassau on New Providence Island in the Bahamas has a lovely downtown with restaurants and shops, mainly influenced by the American heritage and numerous beaches and resorts on either side of the island. But Nassau has some of the best diving sites in the Bahamas, praised as some of the best diving sites in the world overall.

On my trip to the Bahamas in December I tried Sandyport BeachCable Beach, and Compass Point Beach in Nassau.

I enjoyed the most Compass Point Resort in Nassau with its beautiful white sandy beach and colorful huts all around where you can stay during winter holidays. Beach of the Compass Point Resort is private and they charge 5 $ if you are not staying at the resort. Everywhere you go you can pay in Bahamian or US dollars which are equal in value. 

The colorful huts of Compass Point Beach Resort are next to the ocean and you can hear the waves while sleeping. Compass Point Resort in Nassau is a tropical Bahamian delight, which I would especially recommend to arty and romantic souls for their Bahamas vacations.

Hey honeymooners, seriously, you should check out this place for your Bahamas honeymoon!

Bahamas in winter
Bahamas holidays: Compass Point Resort beach © World Travel Connector
Bahamas in winter
The turquoise water of the Sandyport beach © World Travel Connector

Sandyport Beach resort in Nassau is one of the best boutique resorts in the Bahamas.

Pastel-colored villas decorated in Caribbean style among palm trees are a step off the beach but away from the touristy areas of Paradise Island.

Sandyport Beach resort in Nassau in the Bahamas is a great choice if you want to recharge your batteries in a gorgeous and peaceful Bahamian stay. Click here to check out more details and the latest prices 

Bahamas in winter
The Bahamas in the winter: The aquamarine water of the Cable beach © World Travel Connector


Atlantis in Nassau at Christmas and Bahamas in winter
Paradise Island and Atlantis resort in Nassau in the Bahamas


On the northeast side, New Providence is connected to Paradise Island by a bridge, where you can visit sprawling Bahamas Atlantis.

Magnificient Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas is considered one of the biggest resorts in the world where many films were shot and some interesting events took place, like shows of the most famous artists and Miss Universe. 

It has a free walk-in aquarium with many fish of the region, the most typical being stingrays, which you can even encounter while swimming. Inside the resort, they have designer shops, and outside there is a shopping village with many souvenir shops.

The restaurants in Atlantis in Paradise Island are classy but pricey with some of the best fish I have ever tried. You can also enjoy Atlantis water park, casino, and nightclub. 

In fact, Atlantis Bahamas features 6 resorts:

You can check out Atlantis Bahamas Map with the exact locations of the 6 resorts, all pools, activities, entertainment, and more.


Junkanoo Festival in Nassau at Christmas in Bahamas in winter
Junkanoo Festival in Nassau on New Year’s Eve

If you wish to spend Christmas time and New Year’s Eve in the Bahamas, then you should know that New Year’s Eve celebrations can be enjoyed either in Atlantis or downtown where the famous Junkanoo parade is held during the whole night, starting at 1 am until 10 am.

The Bahamas Junkanoo parade is a celebration of Bahamian art and Bahamas culture with amazing costumes, music, and dancing.

I spent my evening on the pool of the Atlantis resort where a local band was playing popular songs and were after midnight I witnessed a mini Junkanoo parade in all its glory.

Bahamas in winter
Junkanoo Parade © World Travel Connector

From New Providence, you can get to some other Bahamian islands and enjoy the beautiful pristine waters, white Bahamas beaches, and some activities like snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, or stingrays in the Bahamas in winter.

On my next trip to the Bahamas, I am planning to do something I missed out on this time: to take a dip with dolphins in the Bahamas sea!

And quite frankly, I can’ wait for my next Bahamas vacation! Click here to see top tours and things to do in the Bahamas!

Bahamas in winter
Pristine waters of Bahamas © World Travel Connector
Bahamas in winter
Turquoise sea and sandy beach of Bahamas © World Travel Connector

Have you heard of the Junkanoo parade before?

Have you visited the Bahamas? What’s your favorite Bahamian island?

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Story by Jelena Krešić, a fellow traveler & blog guest. 

Jelena is an avid traveler, who is fluent in English, Italian, French, and Croatian. Currently residing in Luxembourg, she is in love with the whole World.



  1. SO true. I sit and look at photos or post cards jealous of the beaches the beautiful color, the white sand its amazing. I’ve wanted to go to Bahamas.

  2. Nope – I’ve never visited the Bahamas before. However, when my husband worked for Microsoft, he had to take a mandatory work trip to Nassau. I know, right? That was before we got together, or I would have climbed inside of his suitcase.

  3. Yes, I have been to the Bahamas and Atlantis. They are just as beautiful as Jelena says. The photos really depict the true color of the water, the peacefulness and the gorgeous beaches. The new thing for me that Jelena mentioned was the parade. That looks like a lot of fun.

  4. I would never want to leave those white sandy beaches while in the Bahamas.A perfect holiday to relax and enjoy some down time. It seems like the Bahamas has quite the nightlife as well.

  5. I haven’t been to the Bahamas since I was a child. I do kind of want to go to Atlantis and to Pig Beach.

  6. Nobody reading this post and looking at these stunning photos would pass up the opportunity to visit this beautiful place. The water is just devine and I love the bright colored houses along the seaside. The festival would have had a fabulous atmosphere and the costumes are just amazing. The Bahamas is definitely on my list of must-visits!

  7. What stunning photos! This place looks absolutely amazing. Another one to add to the bucket list. This list is getting mightly long!

  8. After a really rainy and chilly winter in California, I am definitely ready to hit the beach! And nothing looks better than the turquoise water. I love it! I have never been to Bahamas but it is definitely on my list!

  9. It’s so beautiful. I will gladly pack up my things and go live in Bahamas forever if I can. I like the Atlantis and paradise island the most.

  10. Thanks for the nice virtual journey to the place I’ll most probably never visit (no matter how I would like that). But who knows, dreams do come true sometimes 🙂

  11. I am looking at an island getaway for later in the year. I had never heard of this! But it looks amazing. Thanks for the insight – I’ll have to keep it in mind!

  12. I never knew and have never got to read any post on the beaches of new providence and paradise island. They all look so beautiful with clean water and blue skies and less of tourist too. I will Love to consider this for my next holiday. Thanks for sharing.

  13. this totally took me back to my trip to the Maldives, I’m dreaming of sunny beaches and cocktails with umbrellas at work now 😉

  14. I’ve never heard of the Junkanoo parade. It must be a fun day, starting so early! I will probably visit the Bahamas on a cruise so won’t see as much as Jelena has.

  15. That is a stunning beach! We would love to spend a perfect summer there. The Atlantis and Paradise Island is beautiful. I think Dubai’s Atlantis is patterned after this one; their designs are nearly identical.

  16. You got me at turquoise water. I have always wanted to go to the Bahamas. So many beautiful islands. Atlantis would be great to see since I work in hotels. Looks like paradise.

  17. I’d really love to explore more of the Bahamas when I’m not in party mode haha. There is so much to see and do besides drinking. Atlantis is my all time favorite, I actually stayed at the one in Dubai too!

  18. I’ve always wanted to go to the Bahamas as it just looks so lovely – those beaches! But alas, I’ve still not made it yet. Though I do live in Bali so that’s not so bad hehe

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