1 Day in Split in Croatia: What to See & What to Do

Best things to see in Split Croatia in one day

You are cruising the Croatian coast and have time for only 1 day in Split Croatia.

Are you pondering now what to see in Split Croatia in one day and what to do in 24 hours in Split Croatia?! One day in Split Croatia seems so short for this lovely Mediterranean town.

Are you contemplating over the itinerary for a day in Split Croatia questioning is it possible to see top attractions in Split Croatia in one day?!

Please put your mind at ease. It is possible to visit Split in one day and enjoy it. Here are the top things to see in Split Croatia and the top things to do in Split Croatia!

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Ohrid: The jewel in the crown of Macedonia

Things you should know before visiting Lake Ohrid in Macedonia:

“Don’t let that powerful water mesmerize you with sleep.

It has such a power: it mesmerizes you to sleep, enchants you, and then attracts you to itself with its magic.

And you will stay in Ohrid for many days and years, and you will keep coming back.”

– Branislav Nušić, writer (“On the Shores of Lake Ohrid”)

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