Bled: Slovenian Fairytale Lake

Lake Bled with a tiny island 3

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Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” – Unknown


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Lake Bled is the most photographed Slovenian lake and one of the most picturesque places in Europe.

The crystal turquoise lake with a tiny island in the middle of it, overlooked by a medieval castle from a cliff and surrounded with snow capped Julian Alps, make a perfect picture postcard scenery.

When you add to the vista, a baroque church with clock tower on the islet with shimmering sunlight on the lake and swimming ducks and swans in the lake, you get the feeling of a superb dream.

Majestic beauty of the lake is even more emphasized by reflections of the castle, cliff and mountains in the lake’s luminous clearness,

while spectacular creativity of the unspoiled nature is crowned with a magical relaxing and sublime romantic atmosphere seen only in old movies.

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Where is Lake Bled Slovenia: Located in the north-western part of Slovenia, Bled is accessible by 20 min car drive from Ljubljana Airport, 40 min taxi drive from Ljubljana, an hour and 15 min bus drive from the main bus station in Ljubljana,  2 hour train drive from Ljubljana Railway Station (The Ljubljana bus and train stations are located next to each other) .

Or take a day tour from Ljubljana!

What to do in Slovenian Lake Bled : walk, bike or hike around the lake to get different perspectives of it and enjoy in crisp fresh clean air, swim, rent a boat to cruise the lake, take a boat trip to the islet, visit the Bled castle, enjoy thermal springs in Town of Bled, mount trek, play golf, horseback ride; and not forget to try Bled Cream Cake (Blejska kremna rezina)!

Lake Bled with a tiny island 3
Panoramic view of lake Bled from Bled Castle
Lake Bled
Vista of the lake Bled
Lake Bled with the island and church
Baroque church on the tiny island on lake Bled
Lake Bled with boats
Boats like gondolas on the lake Bled
Bled lake vista
View of the Bled lake from the island in the middle of it
Bled and the Alps
Lake Bled surrounded with the Julian Alps
View from inside of the Bled Castle 1
View from the inside of Bled Castle

lake Bled

Bled Slovenia



  1. Looks lovely and reminds me of a lake here in Austria which is an emerald coloured lake and is also so beautiful. I would love to visit Lake Bled.

  2. Fairytail island looks very very romantic and beautiful. looks quite magical and lots to do with a lot of relaxation

  3. Wow such a scenic location! I want to get there just for photography!
    Your pics won me over, placing Lake Bled first in the list of must see in Slovenia.

  4. Your photos are gorgeous! Bled is high up on my wishlist, and I hope to see it soon. I’ve seen tons of pictures, but I have to say, horseback riding around the lake, and then a trip to the castle would be right up my alley!

  5. Lake Bled is one of the most picturesque in the world. You look very relaxed there too! The church on the little island is the cutest, I would love to go back in the summer, the gondola-like boats look like they would be so fun!

  6. I have seen so many beautiful photos of Slovania and you have now shown me that Lake Bled is a MUST visit! Looks like a great place to take photos, hike, kayak and about anything else that nature offers!

  7. Reminds me of the summer in Slovenia – one of my favorite countries. Bled was magnificent as well as Triglav lakes, Soca River and Piran. It’s impossible not to fall with this tiny country 🙂 And, ironically, people who visit Europe very often skip such gems. Love your blog because you show them 🙂

  8. Its not just the lake, the combination of the beautiful emerald lake with the stunning mountains behind, the gondolas, and the tiny little church in the island together makes it just so so so beautiful!!!

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