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Burano: An Arty Islet in the Venetian Lagoon

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Venetian lagoon.

A micro archipelago as a small island.

An islet made of five minor islets with fourth canals connected by several bridges.


An islet of lined colorful fishermen houses, rainbow-like tiny lanes and alleys,

with outside, drying laundry on the Mediterranean sun as lively theatrical decoration

and dramatically leaning bell-tower of the San Martino Church.

An islet of vivid simplicity as a contrast to nearby monumental aristocratic Venice,

with an energetic atmosphere of the small tight-knit Italian community and coherently expressive Italian

culture “in situ“.

Burano, the joyful secret of the Populi Veneti and the bursting paradise of artistic happiness.

Where is Burano: Burano island is 7 km north of Venice. From Venice to Burano you can take a 40-minute scenic drive by “vaporetto” or waterbus number 12. The ferry from Venice to Burano departs every half hour from Fondament Nove in Venice.

Burano and Venice are a 4-hour drive from Florence and Tuscany. Read how I made my Perfect Road Trip to Tuscany.

What to see in Burano: The Lace Museum. Burano island in Venice lagoon is famous for its lace-making tradition.

Colourful houses on Burano

Lined colorful houses of Burano, Italy


Outside drying laundry as house decoration

colourful houses

Brightly painted houses next to the channel make a unique arty atmosphere 


Small, simple and romantic bridge crossing the channel and connecting alleys

San Martino church

Leaning bell-tower of the San Martino Church

Burano, Venice

Can you feel the small tight-knit Italian community atmosphere?


A random scene, seen in an alley on the islet

Venetian lagoon

Sea of the Venetian lagoon

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Tom @ Adventurous Travels

Tuesday 21st of February 2017

I had no idea Burano existed when I visited Venice - I almost skipped it by mistake. And it was so amazing! Venice was the most overcrowded city I've ever seen - it seemed there were no locals there, as if it was purposely made just for tourists. Such a shame that it's been damaged by extensive tourism. But Burano was different - more authentic and so unique - the colorful houses were incredible! Great post and photos!