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Where to Stay in Naples Italy: 10 Best Areas & Hotels

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Wondering what are the best areas to stay in Naples? Where to stay in Naples Italy? Check out my ultimate guide to the best places to stay in Naples Italy!


Naples the third largest city in Naples. So, it might seem hard to decide on the best area to stay in Naples if you are visiting the city for the first time.

Therefore, I have written this guide to the best areas to stay in Naples and the best hotels to stay in Naples Italy!
Check out my guide to the best places to stay in Naples Italy. These neighborhoods and hotels in Naples suit different needs and pockets. I hope you find the stay that will suit your budget and prefrences the best!

Where to stay in Naples Italy? The Historic Center is the best area to stay in Naples for sightseeing

Where to stay in Naples Italy?

Where to stay in Naples for a first-time visit and sightseeing? – The Historic Center along Spaccanapoli

Spaccanapoli is an ancient Greek-Roman Decumano Inferiore street in the historic center of Naples (which is a UNESCO site). Spaccanapoli dates back to the 6th BC. It is one of the oldest and most famous streets in Naples that has access to the main attractions in Naples. Therefore, Spaccanapoli is the main tourist promenade in Naples. As you might assume, this famous street is full of stores, bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, etc. Spaccanapoli is crowded and noisy but must-walked. Spaccanapoli starts at the foot of the Vomero Hill, passes by Piazza Gesù Nuovo, and ends after 1,4 mi (2 km) at Rione Forcella district. 

From Spaccanapoli, there is access to many famous sites in Naples: Gesù Nuovo Chiesa, St Claire complex (Santa Chiara complesso), Via San Gregorio Armeno, Via dei Tribunali, Naples Underground (Napoli Sottoterranea), Naples Cathedral (Napoli Duomo), Pio Monte della Misericordia, etc.

If you are visiting Naples for the first time and you want to be close to popular tourist sites in Naples, the historic center of Naples along Spaccanapoli is the best area to stay in Naples!

UPSCALE: Maison Des Fleurs – is a 4-star guesthouse in the Spaccanapoli neighborhood in Naples. The apartments are elegant, sophisticated, and comfortable. Maison Des Fleurs guesthouse is in a beautiful historical building in a perfect location in the heart of Naples. Families especially love staying in Maison Des Fleurs.

MID-RANGE: Toledo Boutique Rooms – is located in the heart of the Old City of Naples and close to everything first-time visitors need to see on their visit to Naples. It has parking and easy access to the metro. Restaurants are in the area. Couples especially love this place!

BUDGET: NAP Hostel Spaccanapoli – is a budget-friendly hostel with a beautiful garden, excellent breakfast, and private parking. It is close to all the main tourist attractions in Naples.

Where to stay in Naples Italy? The Historic Centreis among the best areas to stay in Napels for first time visitors
The Historic Center of Naples

Where to stay in Naples for families? – Piazza del Plebiscito

The area around Piazza del Plebiscito belongs to the Historic Centre of Naples. It is the main square in Naples. Naples Piazza del Plebiscito is among the largest in Italy. Four famous buildings surround it: the Royal Pontifical Basilica of San Francesco di Paola, Royal Palace, Salerno Palace, and Palace of the Prefecture. The Royal Pontifical Basilica of San Francesco di Paola and Royal Palace are must-sees in Naples. Besides that, the iconic Gran Caffe Gambrinus overlooks the Piazza. And, just a few steps away is Galleria Umberto I, San Carlo Theatre, via Toledo, Castle Nuovo. 

As you can see, the area around Piazza Plebiscito is close to many popular sites in Naples. But this area is quieter and more relaxed than the area around Spacacnapoli.  

The Port of Naples, the sea, the Chiaia neighborhood, and the Spanish Quarter are around this area. 

UPSCALE: Hotel Art Resort Galleria Umberto – is a 4-star hotel in the historic Galleria Umberto (one of the landmarks of Naples!). This stylish hotel has beautiful and spacious rooms, in addition to its fabulous location. Buffet breakfast is served in a dining room with panoramic views! This a perfect accommodation for couples.

MID-RANGE: Salotto Toledo – is a wonderful B&B with renovated modern rooms and a good breakfast. It is in an amazing location in the middle of everything you need to see in Naples.

BUDGET: Ostello Bello Napoli is a hostel with private rooms and dorm rooms. It is located a 10-minute walk from Piazza Plebiscito Square in the Plebscito area. The hostel has clean rooms and bathrooms, comfy beds, and a lovely rooftop terrace.

The Galleria Umberto I is a must-see if visiting Naples in one day only
The Galleria Umberto I
The Piazza Plebisicito is a must on any one day in Naples itinerary
Piazza Plebisicito in Naples

Where to stay in Naples if taking a hydrofoil to Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento, Capri, Ischia, etc.? – Port of Naples

Port of Naples is among the best areas to stay in Naples. The Historic Center along Spaccanapoli and the Historic Center of Piazza Plebiscito are easy to reach from the Port of Naples. The most popular Naples tourist attractions are at the same distance from the Port of Naples. As the name says, the port of Naples is the seafront area in Naples. From the Port of Naples, ferries and hydrofoils go to Sorrento, Amalfi, Capri, Ischia, Sicily, Sardinia, etc. So, if you are planning to continue your trip from Naples to Amalfi, Sorrento, or Capri, the best area to stay in Naples is the Port of Naples. 

The Port of Naples is well-connected with Naples Airport and the Main Train Station. An Alibus bus station is in the Port of Naples. 

UPSCALE: ROMEO Napoli -is a 5-star hotel in the port of Naples. It belongs to Small Luxury Hotels of the World. The hotel has a rooftop terrace with a pool that overlooks the Port of Naples, a spa, a gym, saunas, and hot tubs. It is a beautifully designed modern hotel in a great location.

MID-Range: Municipio Sea – a lovely B&B with modern rooms in the Port of Naples. It is a good value for money.

BUDGET: Hostel of the Sun – is a budget-friendly hostel with clean rooms and comfortable beds. It is a few steps from Molo Beverello Marina and the ferry port in the Port of Naples. Solo travelers who seek budget stays in Naples, enjoy Hostel of the Sun.

Where to stay in Naples on a budget?Spanish Quarter

The Spanish Quarter is a working-class neighborhood in Naples. It is among the most popular areas in Naples for its authentic Naples vibe, graffiti, and street food. 

It is best known for the famous Diego Armando Maradona graffiti, charming taverns, pizzerias, trattorias, shops, stores, working-class homes (with clothes hanging in the sun!), narrow alleys, and street vendors. Spanish Quarter is close to the Historic Center of Naples and Volmero.

The Spanish Quarter is the Naples neighborhood next to the Historical Centre, Vomero, and Chiaia neighborhoods. 

The Spanish Quarter is generally a safe neighborhood of Naples but I suggest staying cautious at night. The Spanish Quarter offers budget-friendly accommodations. So, if you are traveling on a budget, here you will find a place to suit your budget. 

Spanish Quarter is the best neighborhood in Naples for budget travelers. 

MID-RANGE: Hotel Lanfipe Palace – is a 3-star hotel in the Spanish Quarter, but close to Piazza Plebiscito. The hotel is just a few steps away from Toldeo Metro Station and it has easy access to bars, restaurants, and shops. The hotel is in a 19th-century building and it is classically decorated. Romance-seeking couples who love old-fashioned design love this hotel.

BUDGET: Mansarda Valù B&B – is a budget-friendly B&B within walking distance of most places. It has quiet rooms and a wonderful terrace to enjoy your breakfast with city views. Solo travelers particularly enjoy Mansarda Valù B&B in the Spanish Quarters.

Where to stay in Naples Italy? Spanish Quarter is among the best places to stay in Naples on budget
Maradona grafitti in Spanish Quarters

Where to stay in Naples for shopping and luxury travelers? – Chiaia

Chiaia is an upscale residential neighborhood in Naples. The seafront Chiaia district is among the most beautiful areas in Naples. The pedestrian-friendly Chiaia has pretty buildings, little shops, cozy cafes, luxury shops, trendy boutiques, and excellent restaurants (especially seafood). Chiaia is a fashionable area of Naples. The email landmarks are Via Chiaia Street, Villa Comunale Park ( a former Royal Garden) and the 19th-century Casina Pompeiana, and the Palazzo delle Arti Napoli. 

Via Chiaia Street is often referred to as the Madison Avenue of Naples. 

Chiaia is close to Piazza Plebscito, the Spanish Quarter, and Vomero. The Historic Centre of Naples is only 20 mi away from Chiaia. 

Chiaia is less chaotic, less busy, and less noisy than the Historic Centre and a big contrast to the Spanish Quarter. In addition, Chiaia is one of the cleanest and safest neighborhoods in Naples. 

If you are traveling for shopping and relaxation, consider staying in Chiaia.

Beautiful Chiaia is the best area in Naples to stay for luxury travelers and shopping fans. 

UPSCALE: The Britannique Hotel Naples, Curio Collection By Hilton – is a pet-friendly 5-star hotel with large and elegant rooms in Chiaia. The rooms have wonderful views of the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius. Single travelers love this hotel as much as couples.

MID-RANGE: Cameo B&B – is a 4-star B&B with modern rooms. It has a great location, a few steps from the metro to the Historic Center and funicular to Vomero.

BUDGET: B&b ONE – is a simple but functional B&B in the Chiaia district in Naples. It is a great option for people who travel on a budget but want to stay in the chic Chia district.

Where to stay in Naples for nightlife? – Vomero  

Vomero is the hilltop neighborhood of Naples with panoramic views of Naples, the Bay of Naples, and Vesuvius. 

Vomero is a clean, safe, and serene residential neighborhood with lots of greenery and lovely shops and eateries. It is known for its great nightlife. Vomero has many great bars and nightclubs like Miami Barroom, Swig Vomero, Slash Plus, and Flame.

Vomero is well-connected to downtown Naples. A Metro line and several funicular points connect Vomero and downtown Naples. The Historic Centre of Naples is 30 min away from Vomero by public transport. 

Castel Sant’Elmo is the most famous landmark of Naples. It provides 360-degree views of the Bay of Naples. The Carthusian monastery of San Martino, another popular tourist site in Naples, is next to the Castel Sant’Elmo.

Vomero is a bit classier and far quieter than the Historic Centre.

UPSCALE: Gentile Relais – is a 4-star hotel in a vibrant area with lots of great restaurants and coffee shops. The hotel has a great location, well-connected to the rest of the city.

MID-RANGE: Relais Villa Montedonzelli -is a beautiful 4-star hotel with spacious rooms and a great view of Naples.

BUDGET: Albergo Oasi – is a 1-star hotel. It has simple and very clean rooms. The hotel has all the facilities and an excellent location. it is a good value for money

where to stay in Naples? Vomero is the best area in Naples for nighlife

Where to stay in Naples for luxury? – Lungomare & Marina di Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia is a seafront neighborhood in the Gulf of Naples between Piazza Plebiscito and Chiaia. Its landmark is the Egg Castle (Castle d’Ovo). The area has a lovely seafront promenade, hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, and a marina with boats and yachts. This area has one of the most beautiful sea views in Naples. Strolling the promenade on a sunny day is among the best things to do in Naples, Italy. Neapolitans love doing long walks along Santa Lucia lungo mare to Chiaia on Sundays. The Santa Lucia song, one of the most famous Neapolitan songs, is about this picturesque Naples district. To give a better idea of where the Santa Lucia district is, let me add here that Santa Lucia is only about 500 m from Piazza del Plebiscito. 

UPSCALE: Grand Hotel Vesuvio – is a seafront 5-star hotel with panoramic views across the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel has a luxury indoor pool, fitness center, wellness area, and the Caruso Roof Garden Restaurant. the hotel is on the Lungomare and near the port for boats to Sorrento, Capri, etc.

MID-RANGE: Rex Lifestyle Hotel – is a 3-star hotel in a beautiful Art Nouveau building. The hotel has great rooms with a sea view and a perfect location within walking distance of many popular tourist sights in Naples.

BUDGET: Gramsci Suites- is a 4-star guesthouse on the Lungomare. Lungomare Caracciolo is not a budget-friendly neighborhood. But, if you would like to stay in the area, Gramsci Suites might suit your pocket.

Wher to stay in Naples Italy? Santa Lucia is among the best areas to stay in Naples Italy
Santa Lucia marina

Where to stay in Naples for luxury and local vibe? – Posillipo

Posillipo is a prestigious residential neighborhood of Naples. This hillside and waterfront Naples neighborhood has been home to some of the wealthiest Neapolitans since Roman times. Here the ancient Roman elite had their villas with marvelous panoramic views. Caesar Augustus and Hadrian had theirs too. Today, along with stunning villas, you can find 5-star hotels in Posillipo. The most famous site in Posillipo is the Underwater Park of Gaiola. So, if you enjoy diving, book a diving excursion to see it. You can also see this unique site by booking a tour by boat with transparent bottom. Or, taking a kayak tour and then diving or snorkeling. Guided tours of the Underwater Park of Gaiola start in May. Strolling the Via Posillipo with panoramic views of the Gulf of Naples and the Vesuvius is a must-do in Posillipo. Classy Posillipo is famous for its coastal scenery, beautiful villas, gorgeous palaces, beaches, laid-back atmosphere, fine dining restaurants (seafood restaurants), cocktail bars, the tomb of Virgil ( a Roman poet), the Underwater Park of Gaiola and Pausilypon Archeological Park. 

Chiaia is 3 mi from Posillipo and Historic Center about 10 mi from Posillipo. 

LUXURY: Casa Pausis – is a 4-star luxury apartment with a balcony with a sea view, and free private parking. This charming apartment is decorated in the style of the 50s and 60s with great attention to detail.

MID-RANGE: PrimoPianoPosillipo – is a 4-star boutique hotel with stylish apartments, modern upgrades, and stunning views of the Bay of Naples.

BUDGET: Residence Le Rose Villa D’Arte – has spacious rooms and apartments in a beautiful house with a courtyard. If you are traveling by car, free public parking is nearby.

Where to stay in Naples for transit and travels by train? – Piazza Garibaldi & the Main Train Station

Piazza del Plebiscito is the main square in Naples. But Piazza Garibaldi is the most relevant square in Naples. Piazza Garibaldi is the largest transport hub in Naples. Naples Piazza Garibaldi hosts the central train station (Napoli Stazione Centrale), two subway lines, the Circumvesuviana train (a regional train to Pompeii, Herculaneum, Sorrento, etc.), a bus station, taxis, and several historic hotels.  

The area around Piazza Garibaldi is the busiest area in Naples and the best area to stay in Naples for transit and convenience. In other words, Piazza Garibaldi is the best area to stay in Naples if you are visiting Naples by train or spending only one day in Naples. Since this area is a transport hub in Naples, it can be noisy and somewhat unsafe, like similar areas in other big cities.  

LUXURY: UNAHOTELS Napoli – is a 4-star hotel with large and lovely rooms, a top-floor restaurant, and delicious breakfast. The hotel is about a 5 min walk from the Central Train Station.

MID-RANGE: Hotel Potenza – is a 3-star hotel just across the street from the Central Station. The hotel is recently refurbished and has comfortable rooms.

BUDGET: Hostel Mancini Naples – is a clean and safe hostel located on Garibaldi Square and just 500 m from Napoli Centrale Train Station. It has single rooms and dorm beds. The hostel offers a great breakfast with vegan options.

Where to stay in Naples for a local vibe? – Rione Sanita

Rione Sanita is a residential neighborhood just outside the Historic Center of Naples. It is one of the most vibrant parts of Naples, where visitors can witness the everyday life of common Neapolitans. Rione Sanita is out of the beaten track. However, two must-see tourist attractions, the San Gennaro Catacombs, and San Gaudioso Catacombs, are here. The district has many churches and palaces (like the famous Palazzo Sanfelice and Palazzo dello Spagnolo). This area was home to Roman aristocracy in ancient times. You can find stunning accommodations in historical palaces in Rione Sanita. Surprisingly, Rione Sanita is a poor neighborhood in modern Naples. Sadly, the Camorra mafia ruled it for many decades in the past. However, times have changed for the better, and today Rione Sanita is a safe neighborhood (cautiousness at night is still advised, though!) where you can experience real Naples. And, you can find some of the best accommodations in Naples in Rione Sanita, like amazing family-run B&Bs in ancient palaces!

Rione Santia is 1,2 mi (2 km) from the Historic Center, 1,8 mi (3 km) from the central train station, and 3,7 mi (6 km) from the Port of Naples. 

LUXURY: Spanish Palace Rooms, Suites Apartments & Terraces – is an outstanding B&B in a historic 18th-century building with a large rooftop terrace to enjoy breakfast. Some rooms have a balcony and some come with a terrace. This B&B is a 10-min walk from San Gaudioso Catacombs and a 10-min walk to Naples Cathedral.

MID-RANGE: Le Stanze Del Vicerè Boutique Hotel – is an exceptional B&B in a beautifully restored 16th-century building. This upgraded B&B has elegant 16th-century style furnishings and frescos and a lovely and peaceful garden. It is about 250 m from the National Archaeological Museum and 250 m from San Gaudioso Catacombs

Walk Rooms – is a 3-star guesthouse with nice rooms. The guesthouse is a 4-minute walk from the Catacombs of Saint Gaudioso. It is a good value for money.

Where to stay in Naples for one night

Piazza Garibaldi is the main transport hub in Naples. The central train station, two subway lines, the Circumvesuviana train (a regional train to Pompeii, Herculaneum, Sorrento, etc.), a bus station, taxis, and several historic hotels are in the area around Piazza Garibaldi. Therefore, this is the best area to stay in Naples for one night in general. However, if you are planning to visit Capri, Ischia, or Amalfi after Naples, the Port of Naples might suit you best.

Map of the best areas to stay in Napels Italy

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