Urbino: The Ideal Renaissance Town

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Urbino, the small walled town in central Italy surrounded by hills and Bella Fresca aria di Campagna.
A picturesque hideout of renaissance art and architecture. A perfect example of preserved renaissance spirit.

Urbino, the birth town of Raphael di Sante, one of the most famous renaissance painters and Michelangelo’s rival.
Hometown of Titian’s Venus, the laying nude goddess on the couch in the grandiose palace of Duke Federigo da Montefeltro.
The seat of Luciano Lauerana’s Pallazzo Ducale, the heart of the ideal Renaissance city.

Urbino, the place of perfect homogeneity of the ducal palace and town,
of the unity of the medieval walls and contemporary scholars,
of the closeness of the locals and visitors.

Urbino, the perfect renaissance, and contemporary town.

Perfect or ideal? Perfect and ideal.

Where is: Urbino is located in Marche region in central Italy, (36 km from Pesaro, 96 km from Ancona, 58 km from Rimini, 56 km from San Marino), or about 180 km from Florence, and about 320 km from Venice

What to see: Ducal Palace (Palazzo Ducale di Urbino), birth house of Raphael di Sante (Casa Natale di Raffaello), cathedral (Cattedrale di Urbino), National Gallery of the Marches

What to eat: Crescia di sfogliata di Urbino, a thin handmade flatbread  from Urbino

Pallazzo Ducale, Urbino, Marche, ITALY
Ducal Palace (Palazzo Ducale) in Urbino
Ducal Palace in Urbino
A view of the Ducal Palace in Urbino
Palazzo Ducale di Urbino
Ducale Place in Urbino
Street in Urbino, Marche, ITALY
Steep cobbled street in Urbino
Street in Urbino
Steep street in Urbino
Street in Urbino, Marche, ITALY
Cobbled street in Urbino
Cathedral in Urbino, Marche, ITALY
Cathedral in Urbino
The birth home of Rafale di Sante (Casa Natale di Rafal), Urbino, Marche, ITALY
The birth home of Rafale di Sante (Casa Natale di Rafal) in Urbino
Landscapes in Marche in ITALY
Urbino landscapes

Urbino in Italy


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