Winter in Dubrovnik: Silent stroll into the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque

winter in Dubrovnik

“Those who are looking for the paradise on Earth should come and see #Dubrovnik” – George Bernard Show 

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Dislike crowds of tourists in summer? Prefer to feel unique spirit of place? Looking for Mediterranean winter sunny days? Looking for a perfect European winter weekend gateway in a city full of fascinating history? Want to immerse yourself into the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque in the silence of off-season vibe? Craving for a few days escape from cold, wet, foggy or snowy winter?

If your answer is yes, you should consider to spend some winter time in Dubrovnik, ‘the Pearl of the Adriatic‘.

1. Winter in Dubrovnik: Walk along the old city walls 

winter in Dubrovnik

Winter walk on the top of Dubrovnik old city walls offers unique pleasurable perspectives of the old city, protected by the walls, forts (the Lovrjenac, RevelinSt. John, Minčeta and Bokar) and gates (the Pile and Ploče), without hardly bearable summer heats and crowds of tourists.

Gazing into the blue serenity of the Adriatic during a leisure walk around 1,9 km (1,3 miles) long old city walls in the winter sun with barely anyone near you feels like one of the best revitalisation treatments you have ever experienced.

Winter in Dubrovnik

2. Winter in Dubrovnik: Tranquility of the Old Harbour

Winter in Dubrovnik

Winter tranquility of Dubrovnik’s Old Harbour where the only ‘noise’ make small fishermen’s boats and sporadic chats of local fishermen seems like a visual manifestation of the greatest mediation for relaxation.

winter in Dubrovnik

Watching the Adriatic sea in the winter sun on Porporela pier in Dubrovnik’s Old Harbour, while having all the benches only for yourself, is a true blast of serenity.

3. Winter in Dubrovnik: Leisure atmosphere of Stradun  winter in Dubrovnik

Opposite to tourist rush in summer, a leisure winter walk in Stradun (or Placa) allows you to truly indulge in one of the most beautiful pedestrian main streets in the World.

Bathing in the Mediterranean sun, the 300 meters (1.000 feet) long renaissance promenade surrounded with lined baroque stone houses decorated with green shutters is the main people’s gathering place and a perfect place for slowly sipping coffee while watching people passing by.

4. Winter in Dubrovnik: Stroll around the palaces

Winter in Dubrovnik
Sponza palace

Winter is the ideal time for strolling around palaces of Dubrovnik and enjoying in those living evidences of past times and appreciating their elegant exteriors.

Sponza palace is a gothic-renaissance palace recognisable for its beautifully carved ornamentation above the upper Venetenian-Gothic windows. Once the Customs House of Republic of Ragusa is todays State Archive.

Rector’s palace (Knežev door in Croatian) is a gothic-renaissance palace as well. It was the seat of Republic’s government and rector (premier). Nowadays the palace seats the Cultural History Museum.

Winter in Dubrovnik
Rector’s palace

4. Winter in Dubrovnik: Marvelling at the architecture of churches

Winter in Dubrovnik
St. Blaise church with Orlando’s Pillar

Quite and contemplative atmosphere of winter in Dubrovnik makes you to marvel at gothic-renessaince architecture of the St. Savour church and baroque architecture of the St. Blaise and Jesuit churches and the Cathedral.

St. Blaise is the saint patron of Dubrovnik. The main church dedicated to St. Blaise is placed at the end of Stradun. St. Blaise stands in the middle of the three statues on the top of church as the personifications of Faith and Hope. The Orlando’s (or Rolland’s) Pillar, a column depicting the medieval knight bearing in his arms a sword and shield as a symbol of the city’s freedom, stands in front of the church.

5. Winter in Dubrovnik: Visiting the Dominican and Franciscan monasteries

Winter in Dubrovnik
Stone well in the courtyard of Dominican monastery

Meditative ambients of the monasteries are felt much more intensively during serene winter days.

winter in Dubrovnik
Dominican monastery in Dubrovnik

Harmonious cloister arches of the Dominican monastery take you back to the gothic and early renaissance aesthetics.

If you want to see how the renaissance pharmacy looked like, then you should visit the Franciscan monastery of Little Brothers (Male braće in Croatian). The monastery proudly holds the third oldest pharmacy in Europe. It has been offering some good-quality products prepared by ancient Franciscan’s recipes for over 700 years, what consequently makes it the oldest working pharmacy in Europe.

Winter in Dubrovnik
Pharmacy at the Franciscan monastery

6. Winter in Dubrovnik: Onofrio’s fountain

winter in Dubrovnik

Winter walks in sunny Dubrovnik seek for the refreshment. You could satisfy your thirst with drinkable water out of Onofrio’s fountain, the most famous fountain in Dubrovnik.

Onofrio’s fountain is a part of the city original water supply system built in the 15th century. The aqueduct has been bringing water to the old town of Dubrovnik from a spring 12 km (7,3 miles) away from the city walls for over 600 years.

7. Winter in Dubrovnik: The old city’s market at Gundulićeva Poljana

Winter in Dubrovnik
Gundulićeva Poljana

Early winter mornings are the best time to buy some fresh products from the locals on the open-air market at Gundulić Square (Gundulićeva Poljana in Croatian). Treating yourself with some fresh vegetables and fruits and seductive scents of the Mediterranean flowers sold on the stalls makes you feel like a local.

winter in Dubrovnik
Open-air market on Gundulić Square

8. Winter in Dubrovnik: Exploring the old city’s streets 

Winter in Dubrovnik

Most of all, winter in Dubrovnik with no tourist rush enables you to explore the narrow and steep medieval cobbled streets of old town unchanged for the ages and to soak up completely the timeless beauty of Dubrovnik.

As a result, experiencing the rich history of Dubrovnik by feet in winter allows the magnificence of its silent streets to steal your heart and inevitably make you wish to come back to Dubrovnik.

– – –

P.S.: Do you know what’s the worst thing that could happen to you in Dubrovnik in winter? Any clue??

To end up on a filming set!

Turning Dubrovnik into Nottingham for Robin Hood’s filming in February 2017

winter in Dubrovnik


  1. So cool you were in Nottingham, did you meet Robin Hood?? I went to Dubrovnik in mid May and it was still pretty empty of tourists. The weather was perfect for island hopping and swimming but the crowds hadn’t rolled in yet. I definitely agree Dubrovnik is a city to visit without tourist crowds!

  2. Oh wow! The architecture is stunning! I prefer traveling during the summer months but the off peak season seemed to pay off for you! Great pictures.

  3. Winter would be the best time to visit Dubrovnik for sure. I was there at the end of September and it was still crazy. Five cruise ships in town and just a wall of people slowly walking through the city. I actually didn’t care much for it, mostly due to the hyper-touristy feeling. It looked much more appealing in your photos, with so much open space!

  4. I enjoyed exploring Dubrovnik. However, we were there during the summer and it was very crowded. Your photos void of fellow tourists are fantastic. I’m motivated to return in the winter to take advantage of the tranquil atmosphere.
    BTW- love the boots!

  5. Totally agree that you need to visit in the off-season. We were in Croatia in summer and it was hectic. The streets certainly didn’t look like this. Love your photos. They really take me back. Amazing.

  6. Dubrovnik in winter looks so different than the crowded city I discovered while visiting in a hot day of August. However, I was lucky for my bus to arrive at 6am from Sarajevo and to stroll on the marble streets at sunrise. There was nobody around, just me and the shadows of the building raising up in the same time with the sun.

  7. That blue sky doesn’t make it seem like winter there! I am not the biggest fan of history but the streets and colossal architecture seem pretty cool. Would love to visit just not in the winter!

  8. I’ve been to Dubrovnik in summer and it was scorching hot! How are the temperatures in winter? Haha, great thing that you ended up at a film set 🙂 A fun surprise!

  9. I visited Dubrovnik in the middle of summer when it was brutally hot and laden with tourists. It still looks gorgeous and worth the visit in winter!

  10. I cannot believe how sunny Dubrovnik still is in Winter – those blue skies are wonderful. I’ve been considering Croatia for a summer holiday and we didn’t know where to go. The pictures of the old town and some of those views have definitely got me thinking Dubrovnik is the place for me this year!

  11. So much of architecture, heritage and history here… Winter or none… DUBROVNIK sounds like a perfect destination for me. Beautiful click of the place..especially of the harbor…

  12. I’m impressed with your renaissance promenade photograph, 300 meters long and virtually empty, you must have been patient to wait for that shot! I guess this is what makes it special in winter, less tourists and better photography!

  13. What?! Winter in Dubrovnik still looks like summer! The streets look so empty as I’m guessing the tourists tend to only come in the warmer months… but you’ve got the entire place to yourself! The walls and buildings are massive, I’d feel like they were towering over me the entire time. Great post 🙂

  14. Wow, what gorgeous pictures! It really does look amazing and I’ve love to visit! There were a lot of articles everywhere about its Christmas Market so I should try and get there later this year 🙂

  15. This is really a great idea. The weather is good and we can escape the crowds and enjoy everything in a more relaxed way. And I bet the prices are much more attractive.

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