Penang Street Art: 25 Most Captivating Murals In Georgetown

Street Art Penang

Georgetown Penang street art and Penang murals became an international phenomenon when in 2012 visionary Penang Municipal Council hired a Lithuanian-born graffiti genius Ernest Zacharevic.

Although the vision of branding George Town started earlier, the artwork of Ernest Zacharevic in Georgetown was the one that has caught the eye of the World.

Since then many talented mural artists have been following his steps transforming Georgetown into the World capital of street art.

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Sensational Fairy Stream in Mui Ne in Vietnam

Suối Tiên Mũi Né

Suối Tiên Mũi Né, or Fairy Stream in Mui Ne – what’s that?

Is it a place where fairies live? Does a place like that exist on our planet? Hm, do fairies exist at all?!

If they exist, what kind of places the beings with magical superpowers would inhibit? Nothing less than magical, for sure!

Could Suối Tiên Mũi Né in Vietnam be one of those places? 

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Bizzare Chiang Rai Temples

unconventional must see temples in northern Thailand

Exploring Northern Thailand?
You have already seen thousands of temples. Now you want to see something different?!
What about two temples more?
You are templed out?! Ok, ok, calm down.
These two Chiang Rai temples are so unique and unconventional as you have never seen something similar before and you shall never see it again.
These Chiang Rai temples served for art exhibitions at first, but over time they became places for meditation.
The first one is white, the second is black.
The first created a student, the second his master.
The first represents the Haven, the second represents Hell.
…. or…
Welcome to Chiang Rai temples!
Welcome to the two most unconventional must-see temples in Thailand: the White Temple and the Black Temple!

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