Sensational Fairy Stream in Mui Ne in Vietnam

Suối Tiên Mũi Né

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Suối Tiên Mũi Né, or Fairy Stream in Mui Ne – what’s that?

Is it a place where fairies live? Does a place like that exist on our planet? Hm, do fairies exist at all?!

If they exist, what kind of places the beings with magical superpowers would inhibit? Nothing less than magical, for sure!

Could Suối Tiên Mũi Né in Vietnam be one of those places? 

Suối Tiên Mũi Né




The Fairy Stream is a rivulet with an extraordinarily beautiful and dream-like canyon in Mui Ne in southcentral Vietnam. This is a place where the wind and rain played and shaped the sand, clay, and limestone into unique formations creating a fairyland. The Fairy Stream in Mui Ne, or  Suối Tiên Mũi Né in Vietnamese, is one of the most unique places in Vietnam to see!

Fairy Stream in Mui Ne

Here you will experience the burst of shapes, colors, and shades as the rocks change their colors with sunlight throughout the day. Hiking the canyon in Mui Ne you will experience a light-show of whites, oranges, reds, and pinks.

Only a few places on the Earth offer a similar setting. Antelope Canyon and Sedona in Arizona, USA, just to name a few.

Here even the creek boosts with a peculiar red color. As you walk Mui Ne red canyon, you will realize that the Fairy Stream in Mui Ne in Vietnam is a top photography hotspot!

And with no doubts, an exceptional natural landmark in Vietnam!

Fairy Stream in Mui Ne

Climbing and running up and down the sandhills will give you a unique sense of freedom that can be felt only in surreal landscapes magically created by Mother Nature.

Fairy Stream in Mui Ne

While you hike the stream’s trail barefoot, you will feel the powdery soft sand under your feet and gentle touch of the creek’s drift.

At the same time, crisp spring’s water under the Vietnamese intense sun will refresh you.  So, please note, taking off your shoes in the creek is highly recommended.

The hike is only an hour long and the water never goes above your knees. At the end of your trail, a reward awaits you – a small Fairy Stream waterfall.


The entrance to the Fairy Spring in Mui Ne is on the main road Mui Ne – Phan Thiet City, or more precisely in Huynh Thue Khang Street No. 40.

You can take a public bus No 1 or No 9,  or rent or even buy a bike since motorbiking in Vietnam is extremely popular, and drive along Huynh Thue Khang Street No. 40 until you see a bridge and a sign “Suoi Tien” indicating the entrance to Mui Ne Fairy Stream.

These days some agencies in Mũi Né started offering tours including a visit to Mui Ne Fairy Spring.

Mui Ne Fairy Stream entrance is free, but be aware of some local scammers who might want to charge it.


The best time to visit Suối Tiên is during the dry season from October to April, although Muine Vietnam is an all-year-round destination.

2. MUI NE 

Once a fishermen’s village, present-day Mui Ne in Vietnam is a serene beach resort area and kitesurfing paradise with a wonderful Mui Ne beach. If you prefer quieter places with fewer crowds with a laid back and surfers vibe, you should opt for Muine instead of popular Nha Trang in Vietnam.

Muine is located about 112 mi (180 km) east of Ho Chi Minh City or about 137 mi (220 km) south of Nha Trang. If you are visiting Ho Chi Ming City you can join this 2 day tour to Mui Ne to enjoy Mui Ne beach and a sunrise over white dunes in Mui Ne .


Mui Ne Red Sand Dunes and White Sand Dunes, as well as the fishing village’ harbor with its large colorful fishing fleet, will satisfy your traveler’s appetite.

In Vietnam, only in Mui Ne the visitors can enjoy in the seaside and desert-like landscape at the same time.


Red Sand Dunes near the Fairy Stream in Mui Ne in Vietnam


Muine Harbor near the Fairy Stream in Mui Ne in Vietnam


Recommended Mui Ne accommodation:

BUDGET: Mui Ne Ocean House, Mui Ne Garden Apartment, Cocosand Hotel, Mui Ne Victory Guest House

MID-RANGE: Cham Villas Resort, Serenity by the Sea, Blue Ocean Resort 

LUXURY: Bamboo Village Beach Resort & Spa, Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & Spa, The Cliff Resort & Residences

If you are traveling Vietnam, please make yourself a favor and mark Mũi Né on your map and go to Suối Tiên.

Walk the Fairy Stream in Muine before the current stream of travelers gets replaced by the river of tourists!


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  1. Wow! Looks incredible. Sorry that I missed it when I was in Vietnam. But, happily, I loved the country and cannot wait to go back. I’ll be saving this for later to be sure I visit this fairyland. thanks!

  2. What a beautiful landscape! Before reading your post I never heard of this place

    Thanks for inspiring to visit this amazing place in Vietnam

  3. I truly fell in love with Vietnam and can’t wait to go back. Can you imagine, my partner and I lived in Nha Trang and haven’t even visited Mui Ne, we just rode by. This place looks gorgeous on pictures!

    1. Hey, Anya

      Pity you have missed Mui Ne. The scenery in Mui Ne area ( the stream and dunes) is so different from the rest of Vietnam. And Mui Ne’s fishing village with traditional Vietnamese boats is absolutely charming.

      Hope you will visit the area someday 🤗


  4. The colors here are amazing! I never realized something like this was in Vietnam and will definitely put it on the Bucket List for a visit one day. It sounds like the perfect place to get away from the touristy crowds and see a side of Vietnam that’s different from the expected.

    1. I am glad if I got you into barefoot walking, Annemarie! 🤗 It is a special feeling, it makes you feel connected to the Nature, but above all barefoot walking is healthy. 😉

    1. Hey Retha,

      if you just want to make a quick visit to the main sites (the stream, white and red sand dunes, village, beaches) in Mui Ne area, then 2 -3 days would be enough.

      xoxo Milijana

  5. This is the first I have hard of The Fairy Stream. It reminds me of the golden canyon in Death Valley National Park. Mũi Né Red Sand Dunes is gorgeous and the fishing harbor looks like a great place to relax

  6. WoW! This looks amazing, I need to admit! I hope you had a great time there 😀

    I would like to go there one day as I’m on a mission to travel this beautiful world, when that day comes, I will definitely use your tips, thanks for sharing them! 🙂

    And the pictures are stunning! 😀

  7. I was just staring at the first photo – the colours and the composition is amazing. How beautiful. I do want to visit Vietnam and Cambodia and need to plan the whole experience very soon before it gets commercialised.

  8. Beautiful landscape for sure. I wonder what it would be like during the rainy season. Would love to see that area but I also wonder about all those boats. Is fishing regulated?

    1. Hey Elaine,

      I believe it is regulated since Mui Ne has a long tradition of fishing and it’s widely known for its large fishing fleet.


  9. I’ve never read of this colorful landscape in Vietnam before, it reminded me a bit of colored earth on Mauritius. I haven’t been to neither of this places, but I am putting them on my wish list. 🙂 The Mui Ne fishing harbor is so picturesque, the shape of the boats is so exotic to me!

    1. Hey Anja,

      I agree with you. I especially liked exotic Vietnamese traditional round basket boats!

      Xoxo Milijana

  10. Wow, this is beautiful! I’ll be heading to Vietnam in August and was considering going to Mũi Né, but now I definitely will be. Very happy I saw this post 🙂

  11. I missed this place when I was in Vietnam but judging by your post and the pictures I really should have gone. I love when you come across places like this that you can explore and the colours just make it even more impressive. _ Ok so when I go back to Vietnam I have to go here 😀

  12. Wow, this is one of those places that should be famous on Instagram, but I have never heard of it. These photos are lovely I love the contrast of the blue, green red and oranges! So, glad you brought this to my attention.

  13. Holy Smoke! What an incredibly beautiful place. The colors are all so vibrant. I want to go! If I ever get to Vietnam, which I would love to do, I will be sure to visit here.

    1. 😂😂Holy Smoke – like that expression! 🤣 I haven’t heard it for quite a long time now and you made me smile! Thank you for that!! 😃

      Hope you get to Vietnam some day ! 😘😘

  14. Wow I had never heard of the stream although I know Mui Ne well and this place is quite dramatic and unique with definitely fairytale like look and feel

  15. This reminds me of the mud canyons in the California desert, but with more colors. Really beautiful and I could only imagine what it must feel like between my toes. It looks fragile. I hope they are able to protect it from wear.

  16. Wow, this really does look like a fairy land. I’ve never heard of this place. I totally missed out when I was in Vietnam. It’s nice to discover things I’ve never heard of. It makes them feel truly special. I can definitely see the resemblance to Sedona and Page Arizona.

  17. wow I had no idea this was just outside of Mui Ne. love how the light changes the color of the rocks. what time of day were these photos taken? unfortunately when i was there it monsooned for three days straight…so I did nothing but sit inside.

  18. Wow , those colours are simply amazing- it’s like something out of a fairytale, I can see why its called the Fairy Stream!

  19. What a lovely and surreal place. Suoi Tien indeed looks like a place where you can expect a fairy to materialize at any moment. What a marvel of nature. I am sure you had an enchanting time there. This is definitely a place we would head to when we visit Vietnam.

  20. That’s a complete feast of colour for the eyes. I love the red sand dunes and the harbour; I’m a massive lover of coasts. The stream is spectacular. Such a contrast of the rugged lines of the rocks and the delicate colours of the ground and the foliage; it’s almost otherworldly.

  21. I never heard about this place before. But it looks like a painting full of colors. Fairy stream in Mui Ne is full of natural colors rocks and surroundings which is very photogenic place. I even loved those rustic sand dunes.

  22. The Fairy Stream in Mũi Né in Vietnam looks so pretty and I wish I knew about this place when I was travelling through Vietnam though I was there in July and you said the best time is Oct -Apr. I will definitely add it to my next trip out there. Btw, I believe in fairies too 🙂

  23. OMG!!! So beautiful… I have been to Antelope Canyon and yes the colors are kinda similar but I never heard about this place in Vietnam. Oh … how I love bloggers; thank you for sharing. Looking forward to visit Vietnam in the future.

  24. This looks amazing! I have pinned it for our trip to Vietnam for early next year, it is something so different I had never heard of it before and it looks so interesting. We love fairies!!

    1. Hey Lisa,

      yes, the Fairy Stream is unique in Vietnam! The landscapes in Mui Ne area (the stream and dunes) are completely different from the rest of Vietnam. You will love it. Enjoy your trip! 😘


    1. Thanks, Oliver! Yes, the Fairy Stream in Mui Ne is a unique place to see in Vietnam! It is extraordinarily beautiful!

  25. I’ve not made it over to Suoi Tien Mui Ne yet – but it is definitely on my bucket list after reading this post! I love how bright and colourful everything is, it would certainly make for some Instagram-worthy pics 😉 x

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