Bizzare Chiang Rai Temples

unconventional must see temples in northern Thailand

Exploring Northern Thailand?
You have already seen thousands of temples. Now you want to see something different?!
What about two temples more?
You are templed out?! Ok, ok, calm down.
These two Chiang Rai temples are so unique and unconventional as you have never seen something similar before and you shall never see it again.
These Chiang Rai temples served for art exhibitions at first, but over time they became places for meditation.
The first one is white, the second is black.
The first created a student, the second his master.
The first represents the Haven, the second represents Hell.
…. or…
Welcome to Chiang Rai temples!
Welcome to the two most unconventional must-see temples in Thailand: the White Temple and the Black Temple!

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