Bangkok: The World Capital of Contrasts


vibrant cosmopolitan city of embraced dissimilarities,

liberating metropolitan city of contrasts and balanced diversity,

unique oxymoron.


place where external chaos and inner calmness are in harmony,

where serenity meets busyness,

where Thai-ness and Western-ness blend together,

where authentic Thai traditionalism meets global contemporary modernism,

where sensual hedonism unites with sacred spirituality.



city where lady-boys and Buddhist monks walk by each other in tolerance in the streets,

where quiet contemplative temples stand alongside frenetically noisy streets,

where tranquil sanctuaries are close to vibrantly loud markets,

where poverty and wealth stand hand by hand: poor shacks and expensive skyscrapers, bear footed homeless and new riches.



place where cruel reality is mixed with progressively unpredictable future,

where cheap goods, fake brand items and the latest technology super-brands flock together,

where fast long-tail river taxi-boats, tuk-tuks, mopeds, pink taxes, cars, buses and the Skytrain make insanely traffic chaos.



sour and sweet mixture,

warm and humid fusion,

union of diverse intensive smells, sounds and sights:

place of fresh aromatic fruits in the streets, yellow-flowered Buddhist alters on the street corners and nearby flowing blurry smelly river,

place where sweet sharp jasmine flavor surrounds stinky streets smells.



city of freedom of multicultural lifestyles, attitudes and behaviors,

city of accaptance of individual differences,

city of tolerance of multicultural differences,

city of smiles.

Tuk-tuk drive in Bangkok
A Buddhist altar in Bangkok
A part of Wat Phra Kaew (“Temple of the Holy Jewel Image”), also spelled Wat Phra Kaeo (or commonly known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha) complex
Thotsakhirithon, a giant demon guarding the entrance to the Grand Palace
Entrance to Phra Mondop (the library), containing Buddhist scriptures, also in the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in the Grand Palace complex in Bangkok
Phra Mondop (the library), built by Rama I, in elegantly carved Ayutthaya-style in the middle of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in the Grand Palace complex in Bangkok
Phra Mondop library
Statues of Kinare, mythological half bird – half man creature
Lotus flowers. White lotus flower represents purity of the mind and the spirit, while pink lotus flower represents the history of Buddha and the historical legends of the Buddha.
Phra Si Rattana Chedi, a stupa built in Sri Lankan style in 19 century, placed in the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in the Grand Palace complex
A part of Wat Phra Kaew (“Temple of the Holy Jewel Image”), or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha complex located within the grounds of the Grand Palace
The Temple of the Emerald Buddha complex
Wat Arun, or Temple of the Dawn, named after Aruna, the Indian God of Dawn. It is decorated with tiny pieces of colored glass and Chinese porcelain.
Buddhist alter with marigolds garlands in a Bangkok’s street
bangkok city
Bangkok’s skycrapers, the view from Bangkok’s rooftop bar Cloud 47
Tuck-tuks in line in front of the Grand Palace complex
A tuk-tuk driver resting
homless in bangkok's street
An arty homeless in a street of Bangkok
Ladyboy show of the Calypso Cabaret at Asiatique The Riverfront



  1. Interesting blog post. Bangkok is certainly on my bucket list for places I’d like to visit. I love the vivid photos you took, they were inspirational.

    1. I hope you will visit Bangkok, Elisabeth. It is an unique and interesting city that should be visited during the lifetime.

  2. I haven’t been to Bangkok yet, but read and seen a lot of videos about the beautiful country. Indeed its a beautiful mix of Eastern and Western cultures. I totally love your words. You got me when you said “city where lady-boys and Buddhist monks walk by each other in tolerance in the streets”!!!

    1. Thank you for liking my writing! And, yes, you should visit Thailand and Bangkok. Thailand is a wonderful country and Bangkok is an interesting city! Hope you visit them soon!

  3. A city of multicultural differences and smiles makes Bangkok inviting. Your photos are wonderful, as you have captured the architecture and the people. The people often make any destination and it looks like the people of Bangkok are welcoming.

  4. I have never seen a travel post like this, you intrigued me from the first few lines. I can really appreciate it that you trying to do something different. I am honestly so fatigued from the millions of travel guides and reviews. In my humble opinion, anyone can do that. I am so thrilled to find someone doing something unique! Many congragulations to you.

  5. I got to spend a week in Bangkok last year as part of my few month trip through SE Asia. Definitely a unique city and very contrasting as you mentioned. I would love to get back to Thailand later this year.

  6. I like the way you have made contrasts seem wonderful for a place such as bangkok. Yes, they do exist there and its definitely not a good sign, as it leads to chaos and its very much similar to where I come from, thats Mumbai. But Thailand being my next destination, the article and especially the luring photographs make me so excited to be there. Im totally looking for ward to experience this first hand. 😀
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