10 Days in Andalucia: The Ultimate Andalucia Road Trip Itinerary

Plaza Espana in Seville is one of the best places to visit in Southern Spain

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The perfect Andalucia road trip for 10 days in Andalucia in southern Spain: where to go in Andalucia, what to see in Andalucia in 10 days & how to go around Andalucia in 10 days.

Visiting pueblo blancos is one of the best things to do in Seville area
Iznajar in Andalusia on my Andalusia road trip © World Travel Connector



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If you are looking for a well-balanced and not fast-packed southern Spain itinerary you have found the right post.

While I have spent a month traveling south of Spain, many people have only several days of their vacation to spend on a trip. That’s why I have tailored a perfect itinerary for southern Spain for first-time visitors covering the highlights of southern Spain and at the same time giving much time to leisurely enjoy the best of Andalusia.

In this post, you’ll find the perfect Andalucia road trip itinerary regardless of if you are planning to rent a car or use public transport.

The best way to explore the south of Spain is by renting a car as it gives you the freedom to see the countryside at leisure without depending on trains and buses, although the public transport system in Spain is great if you would prefer not to drive.

You can do this Southern Spain trip in 7 days, but I would recommend 10 days in Andalucia. Otherwise, you will be spending time traveling and less enjoying your Southern Spain trip.

You can rent a car at Malaga airport for your Andalucia road trip and just follow this Andalucia road trip itinerary: Malaga Airport Car Hire

Jerez de la Frontera should be on any southern Spain itinerary
Feria del Caballo in Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia on my Andalusia road trip © World Travel Connector

ANDALUCIA ROAD TRIP ITINERARY: How to spend awesome 10 days in Andalucia

Southern Spain Itinerary 10 days (Andalucia road trip itinerary):

This 10 days Andalucia road trip is a round trip that starts and finishes in Malaga.

This southern Spain itinerary covers 3 ultimate southern Spain destinations (Seville, Granada, Cordoba), Jerez de la Frontera (the heart of Andalusia),  exquisite and genuine Andalusian ‘pueblos blancos‘ (Iznajar, Arcos de la Frontera, Ubrique), stunning seaside town of Cadiz, spectacular Ronda and capital of Costa del Sol, Malaga.

In this Andalusia road trip itinerary, you will get detailed itineraries for each place in Andalusia you are going to visit.
This Andalusia road trip covers some hidden gems in Andalusia like Iznajar and Ubrique (gorgeous and untouristy places in Andalusia).
I’d suggest taking this Andalusia road trip in May because some of the most amazing events happen in May in Andalusia (like Feria de Abril de Sevilla, Feria del Caballo in Jerez de la Frontera, Fiesta de Los Patios in Cordoba).

Perfect Southern Spain Road Trip Itinerary

Andalucia road trip itinerary:


Start your Andalucia Road Trip in Malaga
The Malagueta beach in Malaga in Southern Spain © World Travel Connector

Sunny Malaga is the capital of Costa del Sol. It has the biggest airport in southern Spain.

Malaga airport is the 4th busiest airport in Spain (following only Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport, Barcelona El Prat Airport, and Palma de Mallorca Airport by traffic).
Thus, logistics-wise, the best is to start and finish a southern Spain trip in Malaga. In other words, most likely you will find the most affordable plane tickets to Malaga.

Malaga should be on any Andalucia road trip itinerary
Malaga © World Travel Connector

Things to do in Malaga:

Start your visit to Malaga by having a cup of coffee and a glass of fresh juice at Mercado Central de Atarazans before the official start of sightseeing Malaga. 
Vibrant Mercado Central de Atarazans is one of the top places to see in Malaga. It is a fabulous food market filled with great food products, small restaurants, and cafes. Another popular place in Malaga for sipping morning coffee is Café Central Málaga.

After a cup of morning joe head up to Castillo Gibralfaro, the famous Malaga hilltop castle, for the spectacular views of Malaga. After admiring the views of Malaga from the hill, go down the hill to Alcazaba (a fantastic medieval Moorish palace with amazing sea views).

After visiting Alcazaba, head to Malaga Cathedral (called also One-Arm Lady) and Picasso Museum Malaga.

Just to remind you, Malaga is the birth town of Pablo Picasso, one of the most famous painters of all time. So, please take the time to visit the amazing Picasso Museum.

When you finish visiting the Picasso Museum, most likely it’s going to be lunchtime already.

I would recommend having lunch at the iconic El Pimpi tapas bar. After lunch, enjoy your Spanish siesta time.

In the late afternoon have some beach time on sandy Malagueta beach. After all, you are on Costa del Sol and Malaga is the capital of Costa del Sol.

Malagueta beach is especially loved by locals. It’s the nearest beach to Malaga center and one of the best beaches in Malaga.

Reserve your hot Malaga evening for refreshing cocktails, sangria, and delicious local tapas.

If you wonder what to eat in Spain and you want to eat authentic famous Spanish food on your trip, read Popular Food in Spain You Need to Try

Seafood paella is a popular food in Spain
Seafood paella in Spain

This is a summary of the MALAGA ITINERARY:

  • Morning: coffee at Mercado Central de Ataranzas, visit Castillo Gibralfaro and Alcazaba, Malaga Cathedral and Picasso Museum
  • Lunch: El Pimpi & afternoon siesta
  • Late afternoon: Malaga beach
  • Evening: cocktails and tapas bars (check out Mañana Cocktail Bar Malaga) or take an Evening Wine and Tapas Tour in Malaga

🏨 Where to stay in Malaga
BUDGET: The Lights Hostel
MID-RANGE: Soho Boutique Museo (⭐⭐⭐⭐)
UPSCALE: Vincci Selección Posada del Patio (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)


In the early morning on the second day, head to Granada. The distance between Malaga and Granada is only about 30 km (19 mi).

  • From Malaga to Granada by car:  an hour and 45 min drive.
  • From Malaga to Granada by bus: There are about 8 daily buses from Malaga to Granada. A one-way Malaga to Granada bus ticket is about 12 €.
  • From Malaga to Granada by train: If you want to travel more comfortably from Malaga to Granada, consider taking a train from Malaga to Granada. But in that case, the train route goes from Malaga to Antequera (about 30 min train ride), and from Antequera to Granada (an hour and a half train ride). A train ride from Malaga to Granada is from 20 € and up.
Albaycin in Granada is should be on any Andalucia road trip itinerary
Albaycin, the Old Arab quarter in Granada © World Travel Connector
Granada should be on any Andalucia road trip itinerary
Donkey in Granada © World Travel Connector

Main attractions in Granada, Spain: Alhambra Palace (the most visited site in Spain), Carrera del Darro (the most beautiful street in Granada), Albaicín quarter, Sacromonte (Granada’s gypsy quarter), Granada’s Arabic Baths (Granada’s Banuelos is the oldest surviving Arabic baths in Spain), Granada Cathedral (in Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque style; still not finished)


  • Early in the morning: Alhambra (book your ticket in advance! and go early as possible), visit Granada Cathedral (built-in Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque style)
  • Afternoon: have tapas lunch at Bar Los Diamantes (Granada’s most famous tapas bar for fried fish) at Plaza Nuevosiesta and visit authentic Arabic Baths (Granada’s Banuelos is the oldest surviving Arabic baths in Spain). Or, opt for an afternoon spa time in Hammam Al Andalus (in the center of Granada near Plaza Nueva)
  • Late afternoon: stroll Carrera del Darro (the most beautiful street in Granada) which starts from Plaza Nuevo and goes to the famous Albaicin quarter and head to Albaicin for the sunset.
  • Evening: go to Sacromonte (Granada’s gypsy quarter) for a flamenco show and dinner

Related read: 15 Essential Tips and Tricks on How to Visit Alhambra Palace

Tip: For roaming Alhambra palace, cobbled stone streets of Granada, and hilly Albaicin, you will need comfortable walking shoes. If traveling in summer, check out my list of top comfort women’s sandals for walking.

🏨 Where to stay in Granada: 
BUDGET: Lemon Rock Hostel
MID-RANGE: Palacio Cabrera – Lillo (⭐⭐⭐)
UPSCALE: Palacio Cabrera – Lillo(⭐⭐⭐⭐), Luxury Alhambra Penthouse Collection (⭐⭐⭐⭐)


On the third day, head from Granada to Cordoba and make a stop in Iznajar.


Iznajar in Andalucia should be on any Andalucia road trip itinerary
Iznajar is a picturesque white village in Andalusia © World Travel Connector

Iznajar is one of the most beautiful white villages in southern Spain with an outstanding hilltop setting overlooking Iznajar lake. If you want to see an authentic Andalusian village, this is a place to visit.

The distance between Granada and Iznajar is about 90 km.

  • From Granada to Iznajar by car: an hour and 10 min
  • From Granada to Iznajar by bus: an hour and 30 min from Estación de Autobuses de Granada. A one-way Granada to Iznajar bus ticket goes from 8 € and up.

The next stop on this south of Spain itinerary is Cordoba.


Cordoba is one of the best places to visit in Southern Spain
Cordoba © World Travel Connector

After visiting Iznajar head to Cordoba. The distance from Iznajar to Cordoba is about 130 km.

  • From Iznajar to Cordoba by car: an hour and a half drive
  • From Iznajar to Cordoba by bus: 2 hours and a half drive. A one-way Iznajar to Cordoba ticket is about 12 €.

Cordoba was once the capital of Muslim Spain and a major center of medieval Europe. A mix of beautiful settings on the river Guadalquivir and some extraordinary historic treasures gives a special romantic vibe to Cordoba. La Mezquita (the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba) is without any question one of the most fascinating architectural masterpieces in the World.

Main attractions in Cordoba in Spain: Mosque of Cordoba (the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba), Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs (the Royal Palace of Catholic Monarchs), Juderia de Cordoba (the Jewish Quarter), Puente Romano (the Roman Bridge), Moorish tea rooms (teterías) in Cordoba, Los patios de Cordoba (the beautiful old-time vibe patios full of flowers).

Cordoba should be on any Andalucia road trip itinerary
Mezquita in Cordoba © World Travel Connector

When you reach Cordoba, most likely noon will be already.

Check-in at your stay and head to the picturesque Old Jewish Quarter (el Barrio de la Juderia de Cordoba) for lunch and stroll around world-famous Corodobese patios and afterward visit Alcazar Palace of Cordoba (one of the main residential palaces of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon).

Salmorejo is one of the most popular food in Spain
Salmorejo with ham © World Travel Connector
  • Lunchtime: Juderia de Cordoba (Jewish Quarter), Alcazar of the Christian Monarch (the royal palace of Cordoba)
  • Afternoon: tea time in a Moorish tea room Salon de Te in Barrio Judería (in the Jewish Quarter)
  • Evening: leisure stroll around romantic Cordoba – walk the Roman Bridge and have dinner
  • Next day in the morning: visit La Mezquita in Cordoba (it opens at 8.30 am) before you head to Seville

🏨 Where to stay in Cordoba:
BUDGET: Mayflowers Hostel
MID-RANGE: Hacienda Posada de Vallina (⭐⭐⭐)
UPSCALE: Las Casas de la Judería de Córdoba ( ⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Day 4-5: SEVILLE

Seville Cathedral should be on any Andalucia road trip itinerary
Seville Cathedral © World Travel Connector
Plaza de Espana in Seville should be on any Andalucia road trip itinerary
Plaza de Espana in Seville © World Travel Connector

Seville is the next stop on this South Spain itinerary.

The distance from Cordoba to Seville is about 145 km.

  • From Cordoba to Seville by car: an hour and 50 min drive.
  • From Cordoba to Seville by bus: 2 hours and 15 min ride. A one-way Corodab to Seville bus ticket costs about 12 €.
  • From Cordoba to Seville by train: It is a 45 min train ride. There are about 25 trains a day from Cordoba to Seville. A one-way Cordoba to Seville train ticket goes from 7.50 € to 30 €.


1st day in Seville:

  • Late morning:  Seville Cathedral (with the tomb of Christopher Columbus and climb to La Giralda tower), El Divino Salvador church, Casa de Pilatos (a palace in Renaissance and Mudèjar style with a collection of azulejos and Goya paintings)
  • Lunchtime: recommended places to eat in Seville: Cocome (healthy, vegetarian), Al Wadi (Moroccan, vegetarian), Az-Zait (Mediterranean, European, Spanish)
  • Afternoon: Parque de María Luisa, Plaza de Espana (Lawrence of Arabia and Star Wars: Attack of the Clones were filmed there), Museo de Bellas Artes (with a collection of religious art)
  • Evening: tapas dinner at Santa Cruz quarter and a flamenco show at the Museo del Baile

2nd day in Seville:

  • Morning: Real Alcazar Palace with gardens (Alcazar Gardens are the Water Gardens of Dorne in Game of Thrones), Hospital Los Venerables (a 17th-century baroque building with the Diego Velázquez Center)
  • Lunchtime
  • Afternoon: walk Guadalquivir riverfront and climb the historic Toro del Oro tower, visit Real Maestranza Bullring, and go to the Metropol Parasol for sunset panoramic views of Seville (3€ ticket)
  • Evening: head to Triana quarter for a leisure walk and have tapas dinner
Royal Alcazar in Seville a must on Andalucia road trip itinerary
Intricate tiles in Alcazar Palace in Seville © World Travel Connector

🏨 Where to stay in Seville:
BUDGET: For You Hostel Sevilla
MID-RANGE: Welldone Metropol (⭐)
UPSCALE: Hotel Ateneo Sevilla (⭐⭐⭐⭐), Hotel Casa Del Poeta (⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Day 6-7: CADIZ

Cadiz should be on any Andalucia road trip itinerary
Cadiz in Andalucia in the south of Spain
Cadiz should be on any southern Spain itinerary
Cadiz in southern Spain on my Andalusia road trip © World Travel Connector

After Seville, Cadiz is coming next in your Andalusia itinerary.

The distance from Seville to Cadiz is about 120 km.

  • From Seville to Cadiz by car:  an hour and 40 min
  • From Seville to Cadiz by bus: about a 3-hour bus ride. A one-way Seville to Cadiz bust ticket costs about 14 €
  • From Seville to Cadiz by train: an hour and 40 min. A one-way Seville to Cadiz train ticket goes from 10 € and up

Cadiz is my favorite place in Andalucia.

Why? Because of the people. Simple as that.

You will meet the friendliest people of southern Spain in Cadiz.

The more I travel, the more places with welcoming and open-hearted people capture my heart. Architectural masterpieces and fascinating nature are always on my itinerary. But what keeps me longer in one place are good-hearted people.

And Cadiz is one of the places like that. In Cadiz, you will meet cheerful and easygoing people, smiling, chatting laud, laughing spontaneously, and always ready to help a stranger in need. ‘Joie de vivre’ of Cadiz is unparalleled!

But don’t get me wrong, Cadiz is not only about friendly people. Cadiz is also about great beaches and exceptional seafood.

Related read: Best Seafood in Spain 

If you happen to travel to Andalucia during the snail season, you should give a try to caracoles tapas in Cadiz.

Most likely you are going to be surprised how tasty they can be. Like I was! You can read more about it here Eating Snails in Spain.

Caracoles tapa is a populaar food in Spain
Caracoles tapas in Bar Los Caracoles, Calle Sporanis 4, Cadiz, Spain © World Travel Connector

Because of the friendly people, great food and excellent beaches, I would suggest planning to stay at least 2 days in Cadiz.

Main attractions in Cadiz: Castle of San Sebastián, Santa Catalina Castle, Cádiz Cathedral, Mercado Central, Barrio del Pópulo (the oldest quarter in Cadiz stretching from the Town Hall to the Cathedral), Torre Tavira (observation tower with great views of Cadiz), first-class seafood restaurants, Blue Flag beaches (Playa La Caleta, Playa De La Cortadura, Playa de la Victoria, Playa de Santa María del Mar)

2 days in Cadiz – itinerary:

1st Day

  • Morning: visit Cadiz Cathedral, Castle of San Sebastián, Santa Catalina Castle
  • Afternoon: walk Cadiz waterfront promenade, head for sunset to Torre Tavira
  • Evening: Go to La Vina quarter and have dinner at Casa Manteca (my favorite taberna in all of southern Spain for a great atmosphere and excellent food!)

2nd Day:

  • Morning: Head to Mercado Central to enjoy your Spanish breakfast and to hang out with local people
  • Rest of the day: Beach time and seafood time. Swim, sunbathe, and eat. You are on your vacation in Spain!

🏨 Where to stay in Cadiz:
BUDGET: Summer Cádiz
MID-RANGE: La Posada del Mercado (⭐⭐⭐)
UPSCALE: El Armador Casa Palacio (⭐⭐⭐⭐), Parador de Cádiz (⭐⭐⭐⭐)


Jerez de la Frontera should be on any Andalucia road trip itinerary
Feria del Caballo in Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia © World Travel Connector
Jerez de la Frontera in Andalucia should be on any Andalucia road trip itinerary
Me at Feria del Caballo in Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia © World Travel Connector

After some seaside time, you are heading to the inland south of Spain. Typical Andalusian white villages are next on your Andalucia itinerary.

The distance from Cadiz to Jerez is about 37 km.

  • From Cadiz to Jerez by car: about 35 min drive
  • From Cadiz to Jerez by bus: from an hour up to a two-hour bus drive A one-way Cadiz to Jerez bus ticket goes from about 1,5 €.
  • From Cadiz to Jerez by train: about 35 min train ride. A one-way Cadiz to Jerez train ticket goes from 7 €.

On the 8th day early in the morning, you are heading to the heart of Andalusia: Jerez, Arcos de la Frontera, and optionally Ubrique. Andalusia is about sherry, horses, and flamenco. And  Jerez is the true home of sherry wine, Andalusian horses, and flamenco. Andalusian horses are one of the most famous equestrian breeds in the world.

Things to do in Jerez: watch equestrian ballet at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, taste authentic sherry in Jerez (from light and dry sherries such as Manzanilla and Fino to as darker and sweeter sherry such as Oloroso), sample wines and popular local tapas in traditional ‘tabancos,  tour the cellars of González Byass or bodega Tío Pepe for authentic sherry tastings, visit the Yeguada de la Cartuja stud farm near Jerez

If you’re traveling to Andalucia in May, then the Feria del Caballo (the Horse Fair) is a must-see! There you will get a feeling of stepping back in time and you will see Andalusia at its best: Andalusian women wearing traditional flameco dresses – colorful ‘rajes gitanas’ or ‘gypsy dresses’, flamenco singing and dancing in noisy public ‘casetas’, Andalusian horses parade …

Arcos de la Frontera should be on every Southern Spain itinerary
Arcos de la Frontera is one of the most beautiful white towns in Andalucia

Distance from Jerez to Arcos de la Frontera is 35 km.

  • From Jerez to Arcos de la Frontera by car: a 30 min drive.
  • From Jerez to Arcos de la Frontera by bus: about 35 min ride. One bus per hour a day. A one-way bus ticket goes from about 4 €.
  • From Jerez to Arcos de la Frontera by train: No train line.

Best things do to in Arcos de la Frontera: stroll the narrow picturesque streets of this breathtaking Andalusia white town, head to the viewpoint of Mirador of the New rock for striking views, visit Casa del Conde del Aguila built in the late Gotic and Mudejar style.

If you travel by car, I suggest visiting Ubrique also. There’s no direct bus line from Arcos de la Frontera to Ubrique. Ubrique is a typical whitewashed Andalusian town situated in between two nature parks. If you are a nature lover, the Ubrique area is a place to see in the south of Spain. If you are traveling by car you can enjoy scenic views on your way from Arcos de la Frontera to Ubrique.

Distance from Jerez to Arcos de la Frontera to Ubrique is about 43 km

  • From Jerez to Arcos de la Frontera to Ubrique by car: about 45 min drive.
  • If you are traveling by bus go straight from Arcos de la Frontera to Ronda and make late check-in in Ronda.

Day 9: RONDA

Ronda should be on any Andalucia road trip itinerary
Ronda in Andalusia

The distance from Arcos de la Frontera to Ronda is about 90 km.

  • From Arcos de la Frontera to Ronda by car: an hour and 10 min drive.
  • From Arcos de la Frontera to Ronda by bus: a 2-hour bus ride. A one-way ticket is about 10 €. 2 buses a day run on the route.

Main attractions in Ronda: Puente Nuevo bridge, terraces of Jardines De Cuenca, Plaza Del Toros (Ronda’s bullring), Banos Arabes

The next stop on your Andalucia trip itinerary is Ronda, one of the most spectacular towns in Southern Spain. Ronda might be a small town by size, but the atmosphere is world-class. If you like small towns with a spectacular countryside setting, most likely you will fall in love with Ronda. Ernest Hemingway and Orson Wells did. Even more, cremated remains of Orson Welles and his beloved Paola Mori have dispersed down a well on a small country estate on the outskirts of Ronda.

There is one town that would be better than Aranjuez to see your first bullfight in if you are only going to see one and that is Ronda. That is where you should go if you ever go to Spain on a honeymoon or if you ever bolt with anyone. The entire town and as far as you can see in any direction is romantic background..” – Ernest Hemingway noted about Ronda.

  • Morning: go for breathtaking views of Puente Nuevo Bridge, head to La Casa del Rey Moro to visit the bottom of El Tajo gorge, walk another two bridges in Ronda – Puente Viejo and Puente Arabe, visit the Mondragón Palace (a Moorish, Renaissance, and Gothic style palace),
  • Lunchtime: Restaurante Bardal (a Michelin star restaurant)
  • Afternoon: visit Ronda’s Bullring, stroll the Alameda del Tajo Park just behind the bullring, visit La Casa Del Rey Moro (the House of the Moorish King), go to the Mirador de Ronda (the viewpoint of Ronda) for sunset
  • Evening: tour some of the bodegas in the countryside around Ronda

🏨 Where to stay in Ronda: have your ‘honeymoon’ night in Parador de Ronda (⭐⭐⭐⭐) with a spectacular location on the edge of the gorge and breathtaking views!!!


Visiting Gibraltar on a day trip from Malaga is one of the best things to do in Malaga
Gibratar Rock

Depending on your flight time, you can go directly to Malaga Airport, stay on the last day in Malaga, or even take a day trip from Malaga to Gibraltar. (Read more here: Best things to do in Malaga, Spain)

The distance from Ronda to Malaga is about 103 km.

  • From Ronda to Malaga by car: an hour and 30 min drive.
  • From Ronda to Malaga by bus: 3-hour bus ride. A one-way ticket is about 15 €.
  • From Ronda to Malaga by train: from an hour and a half to a 2-hour ride. A one-way ticket is about 15 €.


Andalucia road trip by car: stops + driving distances + driving times

Stops on Andalucia road tripDriving distanceDriving time
Malaga to Granada19 mi (30 km)1 h 45 min
Granada to Iznajar 56 mi (90 km)1 h 10 min
Iznajar to Cordoba81 mi (130 km)1 h 30 min
Cordoba to Seville90 mi (145 km)1 h 50 min
Seville to Cadiz75 mi (120 km)1 h 40 min
Cadiz to Jerez de la Frontera23 mi (37 km)35 min
Jerez de la Frontera to Arcos de la Frontera 22 mi (35 km)30 min
Jerez to Arcos de la Frontera to Ubrique27 mi (43 km)45 min
Arcos de la Frontera to Ronda56 mi (90 km)1 h 10 min
Ronda to Malaga64 mi (103 km)1 h 30 min
10 day Andalucia Itinerary


Andalucia road trip: south of Spain map

10 Day Andalucia Road Trip Itinerary


The best time to visit Andalucia is spring and autumn. In the summer months (June, July, August) temperatures in Andalucia go above 40ºC with hardly bearable heat. Pleasant temperatures to travel southern Spain are from February to May. May is a great month to go to Andalucia as some greats festivals happen at that time. And Holy Week in Andalucia is another level.

The best months to take the Andalucia road trip are the spring months (March, April, May) and autumn months (September, October, and November).



Best 10 Day Southern Spain Road Trip Itinerary



  1. The South of Spain (Malaga) was the first place I ever travelled solo (and thus the place which set me off on my travel habit!), and I often think I should go back and see more of the region. The architecture looks incredible! This looks like a really well-thought out itinerary which covers a lot. Saving your post for the day that I do eventually return!

  2. I love doing a road trip round this region back in 2011 but the only place which I missed out on was Seville (it was the middle of summer and didnt fancy walking around a city in +45 that day!) My favourite Spanish city is Malaga for sure but I did fall in love with Granada and Ronda as well. This post brought back a lot of memories. 🙂

  3. I did a similar trip last fall and LOVED this area of Spain. Def my fav!! I went to Seville, Ronda, Cordoba, and Grenada. Road trippin is so fun. The view are to die for. I need to go back for longer next time and add some of these places. Love all your photos!

  4. Would you believe I’ve been to Spain 9 times but haven’t seen the southern mainland? I’ve been to Madrid, Barcelona and the Canary Islands (which was the target of my trips) but I would love to do your 10 day Andalucia itinerary. The Patio of Lions is gorgeous and I had not heard of it before! Plaza de España in Seville is also a huge bucket list place! Your photos are beautiful! I would also have to take your suggestion of a day trip from Malaga to Gibraltar since I wasn’t able to do one to Gibraltar from Morocco last summer!

  5. Your photos are stunning! I’ve never been to the South of Spain, only Barcelona, but this has definitely made me consider going back just to see all of this! Everything looks fabulous!

  6. Wow! Very nice blog post. Your photos take me back to when I did the same trip back in 2015. I really loved that road trip! I did it it in the opposite direction, Ronda first, and the last destination was Granada. Would love to go back one day!

  7. This definitely covers a lot of ground – sounds like my type of itineary! I still haven’t been to Spain but several of these towns were already on my travel list – this just makes me want to visit them even more! Your pictures are beautiful! That paella looks so good….and I had no idea that they ate snails in Spain! I’ve had them a few other places, but didn’t know the Spanish ate them too.

  8. It’s been a very long time since I visited Spain. Thanks for taking me on this amazing tour with you. Such a beautiful country, and your food photos made my stomach growl with hunger!

  9. Oh my! If I could, I would love to spend an entire month in Southern Spain. I love your itineraries and will definitely book my tickets in advance for Alhambra. I’m an early riser, so will have to go there in the morning and then enjoy your recommendation for tapas for lunch 🙂

  10. LOVE your photos. The seafood paella … lord have mercy, I am drooling on my computer keyboard. Sadly, I have not yet been to Spain. Therese has, but many years ago. We will be passing through this region quickly on our way to Morocco. Clearly we need to plan a visit to the region, and seeing that bridge (Ronda was it?) will be a must. Spectacular.

  11. I am such a quality over quantity person, so always appreciate a great itinerary that focuses on a small area over a decent length of time. I love how unique each of these stops are, and there is something about Cadiz and Ronda that call to me. Really hope to get to these places in person!

  12. The places you have listed about Southern Spain are really beautiful. I am so intrigued by the Alcazar of Seville, Alhambra of Granada, and those beautiful white villages of Cadiz and Arcos de la Frontera. I would love to spend a week here.

  13. Wow great Itinerary shared by i have been spain two times but after read your post i am thinking i have left many things to do & enjoy surely i will add it in my next journey thanks for sharing this lovely images & places with your lovely pics thanks

  14. I really suggest spending more time in Cadiz province. It deserves for sure. I love the Sierra of Grazalema and its pueblos blancos. Nature is stunning all year round, and people are lovable. In particular I enjoy Arcos de la Frontera. In this small white village, everybody should spend at least one night. It’s lovely and it’s a real “pueblo blanco gaditano”. When we will be able to travel again it’s a lovely place to recover from all this bad period.

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